Hydro Lifting Meso Injector Mesotherapy Gun Meso Beauty Gun Meso Gun


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Hydro Lifting Meso Injector Mesotherapy Gun Meso Beauty Gun Meso Gun

Product parameter:


Weight: 675g


Accessories: one set of instruction, power, needle

Technological theory:

By magnetic energy rotary and high pressure jet flow, product is promoted by high speed rotary. It has the features: tiny, high speed, linear erupting. It can directly inject skin underlying 0.1-0.15mm on the basis of not harming epidermal cells. As the real zero trauma, comfortable and painless, it can avoid the pain and edema of injection. It is a real non-injury, new and multi-functional hydro lifting product which can replace needle injection.

Vanadium-titanium hydro lifting micro-crystal features:

1.Safety: adapt to micro-nanometer machining technology, micro-crystal height in microns

2. The skin care at root: the nutrients directly infuse into deep skin cells through very small pores.

3. Non-pain and non-trauma: not touch the capillaries and nerve endings, so it is no pain and blood. Do not need to apply anesthetic.

4. It is convenient to carry and suitable for personal use or family.


1.The needle is disposable goods, cannot reuse.

2.Ice compress treatments after operation.

3.Avoid doing strenuous exercise, exposing to sun and washing face by hot water within five days after operation.

4.The normal whole face operation time is 30-40 minutes. Please be sensible to reduce operating time if you skin are thin or sensitive.

5.The skin, slightly red is a normal phenomenon after operation.

6. These situations do not use: menstrual period, high blood pressure, taking pills that need to control illness condition such as birth control and aspirin. Or you use after stop taking pills for two weeks.

7.Such kind of person cannot use: pregnant women, hemorrhagic disease, immunodeficiency, heart, liver or kidney dysfunction.

8.This product need to pay attention to fire, sun, moisture and knock prevention.

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