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IPL is internationally called Intense Pulsed Light mainly for skin rejuvenation, hair removal, vascular lesions, pigmentations, acnes treatment, pore optinking, freckles and wrinkles reduction, which is a kink of high qualiified and perfessional machine for skin treatment.

 Treatment range:

1. Treatment of skin photoaging: Remove wrinkles, tiny veins and acne, bringing excellent skin rejuvenation effect.
2. Treatment of benign pigmented lesions, such as flecks, pigment spots, freckles etc.
3. Treatment of benign vascular lesions: Flush, telangiectasia, spider nevus etc.
4. Removing unwanted body hair


Features of appliance:
1.Adopting advanced double filter wave technology double filter wave thoroughly filter ultraviolet as to prevent skin from turning to blackness.
2.The treatment head is easy to operate.
3.Super intense cooling system achieves cold anesthesia painless treatment.
4.Adopting advanced long-time Xenon lamp power supply technology, so the life expectancy of treatment head is very long as to decrease its price to the full.
5.Inside equipped with multi-self protective system such as water press meter and water thermometer, so it’s working more stable.

Technical standard: HF-101
Function IPL skin treatment, vascular lesions. Spots removal and tender skin, hair removal.
Power supply Four multiple amps long-time Xenon lamp
Standard treatment head 560-1200nm tender skin treatment head
695-1200nm hair removal treatment head (purchase)
Dimensions of light spot 8*34mm 10*45mm
Densities of energy 10-60J/cm2
Pulse pieces 2-6pcs
Width of first pulse 1-99ms
Width of second pulse 1-10ms
Delay of second pulse 1-99ms
Discharge time 1s/2s/3s
Net weight 60kg
Power supply AC220V 50Hz 10A
Dimensions 41*58*103cm



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