IPL Opt Hair Removal and Skin Rejuvenation Laser Machine


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Product Description
  This Machine is mainly for the hair removal treatment, Acne Removal treatment, Vascular Removal treatment and pigmentation removal treatment. With OPT/IPL/Elight modes in one machine,so this machine can do the functional treatment
  This machine base on that the Intense pulse light can penetrate into deep skin, and destroy the hair follicle. So it will do a good job for the hair removal. And use the different wavelength. Which can achieve the purpose for skin rejuvenation, such as the Acne removal, Vascular removal. 


   As you see, this machine have 2 treatment heads: One HR head for hair removal , one SR head the skin rejuvenation. And both of them have a very strong cooling. That can ensure when the customer do the treatment, they can feel comfortable also can feel good  1. OPT950 combine IPL OPT E-Light system in one machine, meet the different treatment demand
2. OPT950 handle use the sapphire cystal, UK Imported flash lamp. Ensure the shots is safe and effective 

3. OPT950 combine the wind cooling water cooling semiconductor cooling, which guarantee the machine can use a long time safely.
4. The machine use a whole metal steel configuration and , which can ensure the machine safe during long distance transportation.

  FAQ1)Q: Delivery time ?
A: after we get the payment within 5 working days. Depends on your quantity.
2)Q: What certifications do you have?
3)Q:Is this your own brand?
A:Yes,All of the products are designed by our team ,we have appearance patent and trademark registration certificate.
4)Q: What’s the payment method?
A: T/T, WESTERN UNIONQ: After sale service or technology supports ?
5)A: we have a professional technology supporting team for your timely services. you can contact us by telephone, online chat (Skype, Google talk, MSN, Yahoo…).


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