IPL Shr RF E Light Beauty Salon Equipment for Skin Rejuvenation


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IPL SHR RF E Light Beauty Salon Equipment for Skin Rejuvenation 

Treatment Theory

Honkon E-light is a high-intelligent and non-ablative technology that simultaneously harnesses the power of radio frequency and intense pulsed light. IPL causes the skin to initiate a natural healing process that rebuilds new collagen and removes broken capillaries and pigmented lesions. RF excited water molecules producing consistent heat which decreases the pore’s size and tightens the skin. Consequently it both provides deep wrinkle reduction and smooths skin texture.


1. Hair removal        
2. Acne removal          
3. Freckle removal        
4. Wrinkle reduction      
5. Skin tightening &  whitening                
6. Vascular Lesion removal          
7. Skin rejuvenation

Detail Display

1. Adopt medical sapphires cooling and integrated handle core design.
2. Anti vibration, Anti-broken, more stable performance.
3. Patient will feel more comfortable and safe when doctor operate and use RF cooling waves lift function. 
4. Support Plug and play function, the filters are changeable. 
5. Adopt U.S.imported xenon lamp,The output photon density is several times than that of an ordinary light source, and the single treatment efficiency is higher.


Model type M90E
Handpiece type F E, RW-V, tattoo removal handle
Filter wavelength HR 610-1200nm
SR 530-1200nm
VR 585-1200nm
Energy density 5-50j/cm2
Spot size 8mm*40mm
1st-pulse width 0.1-20ms
Sub-pulse width 0.1-10ms
1st pulse interval 0.1-40ms
Sub-pulse interval 0.1-20ms
Frequency 1-10HZ
Cooling Air, water and semi-conductor cooling
Power supply AC110/220V±10%,   50Hz-60Hz,10A
Dimensions (after packaged) 81.5*55*111cm³
Gross weight 55kg
Pulse number 1-5T
RF power 5-50W
RF frequency 2.64MHZ
RF time 1-3s
RF treatment tips 25mm&45mm
Insurance specifications 5A-6A

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