Korea 1064nm Low Energy Pico Second Tattoo Removal, Laser Pigmented Lesions Removal Mslpl01


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Korea 1064nm low energy picosecond tatoo removal, laser pigmented lesions removal MSLPL01

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What is description of our picosecond laser machine?

 "the principle of selective photothermolysis", the shorter the laser action time, the target tissue to absorb the accumulation of laser energy is less likely to spread to the surrounding tissue, the energy was limited extent In the target treatment needs to protect the surrounding normal tissue, so the treatment of the stronger the selectivity. Picosecond laser pulse width is only one hundredth of the traditional Q-switched nanosecond laser, its excellent performance to ensure that picosecond laser pulse crushing of pigment particles more thoroughly, while the surrounding tissue damage

What is feature of our  picosecond laser machine?

1.1064nm Wavelength:Remove black and dark bluetattoo pigments, such as tattoos, eyebrows, dark color around the eyes,
freckle, age spot etc.
2.532nm Wavelength: Remove red and brown tattoos and red mark.
3.1320nm wavelength:The 1320nm wavelength: Skin whitening and tightening.


1.Working conditions:
A. Ambient temperature: 10~30ºC;
B. Relative humidity: ≤ 75%
C. Atmospheric pressure: 860 ~1060hpa
D. Power supply: AC220V ± 10%, 50Hz ± 20%
E. Cooling water: Use distilled water or pure distilled water.

2. Basic parameters:
755PicoSure Cellular Picosecond Laser

3.Laser Type: Emerald Laser
Laser wavelength: 755,1064,532, 1320NM
Power supply: 220V / 110V
The highest energy: 2000mj
Operating frequency: 1-10HZ
Pulse width: 10ms
Power: 500W
Cooling system: air-cooled
Spot diameter: 2-10mm
Net amount: 30 KG  
Packing size:60*40*40cm

4. Light energy performance
1. Single pulse energy: Jm ≥ 1500mj
2. Laser output instability: S ≤ ± 15%
3. Laser output energy reproducibility: Rj <10%
4. Output energy and energy display error: ≤ ± 20%
5. Surgery spot diameter: 1-4nm range continuously adjustable
6. Spot positioning focusing accuracy: the error ≤ ± 0.5mm
7. Multi-joint light guide arm adjustment range: ≥ 45 ° in the horizontal plane, the vertical height from the ground between 60cm – 80cm.

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MEDSINGLONG GLOBAL GROUP CO., LTD (MSL)  engages in selling medical equipments more than 10 years, such as Ultrasound machine,Xray machine,Blood analyzer,Biochemical analyzer,veterinary equipment,Radiation protection equipment and so on. We are Supplying all kinds of medical equipments in high quality with competitive price. Whether the hospital or clinic,or for personal use,you can find your own favorite products. Therefore, lowest cost of your medical devices with good service and high quality is our goal.No the best,only better!We are ready to serve you!

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1).What’s your product guarantee?
Normally we offer 24 months warranty, and lifetime maintenance.
We can also extend the warranty time per client’s request.?

2).Does your product has any certificate?
Almost all our medical equipment is CE, ISO approved, and some of them has FDA certificate.

3).What’s your payment terms?
We can accept T/T,Western Union, Money Gram, Paypal, Alibaba Trade Assurance, L/C,cash etc

4).What’s your product lead time?
Normally all our medical equipment are in stock, so we can deliver goods within 3 workdays after receipt payment.

5).How to maintenance the product if it has problem?
We have professional engineers,they will solve your problem by communicating with skype or phone.
If the machine is totally broken and can not work, send it back to us and we will send a  new one to you.

6).What’s your training policy?
?Medsinglong offers free product training for clients.Clients can choose video,voice,email,skype for online training.
Moreover, Medsinglong has client training courses every year, client can visit Medsinglong for face to face training.
Meanwhile,Medsinglong support training in client’s office as required.

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