Korea Original Vital Injector 3 Mesotherapy Multi Needle Injector Gun




Korea Original Vital Injector 3 Mesotherapy Multi Needle Injector Gun

Vital injection is to directly inject hyaluronic acid into the skin, which makes the facial skin moisturizing and soft, bright and you will have the smooth and bright skin as an actor. It will provide a solution for dehydration in the dermis and eliminate wrinkles with big difference.

The principle is to add water into the skin.
Hyaluronic Acid will be injected into the skin through dermis and affect the cells. It could motivate stratum corneum to fall off naturally and accelerate the metabolism and regeneration of the skin.
vital injector for skin tightening face lift and forehead skin whitening


1. Several speeds of needle are available, making it reach the proper depth.
2. stable and precise medicine injection with vacuum technique
3. It is easy to operate and easier to become skillful
4. it will take less time to inject drug into the skin, reducing pain
5. it will reduce drug loss

This machine can be used for 4 size syringes and needles, see follows:

The operation screen of this equipment

Reference inject depth for this equipment.

Note: When the operation is done at every position, the rest of the medicine can be flapped at forehead, crow’s feet and nasal groove and lip furrow band. Injection is prohibited for breastfeeding women, people with much acne, people allergic to anaesthetics, people in menstural period and people easy to have scar.

The Skills of injection
Keep the wrist stable and balanced,
Leave no space between needle and skin,
The depth should be adjusted according to individual’s skin,
Confirm the settings on the panel before operation,
Injection depth should be adjusted for different places on face.

Attentions before and in operation
Necessities in operation(mask, carbasus, glove, injector, three-way, alcohol, normal saline)
1. Clean the face and apply anaesthetic for 30-40 minutes.
2. Prepare medicine first and install needle and injector.
3. Use normal saline to clean the blood on the face after the operation.
4. Apply sedative gelatum for 20-30 minutes and clean the rest.
5. Apply regeneration cream and then apply medical BBC.

Parameters of the vital injector

Needle information 31G, spin Multi Needle Type
Needle penetration Control 0-5mm( interval 0.2mm)
Syringe type 1cc, 2cc, 3cc,5cc
Operation mode Intermittent, continuous
voltage&Frequency AC120-240V, 50-60HZ
Dimension(wxdxhmm) injector: 290x46x172 body 332x290x140
Panel Gun LCD 1.77inch body CD 5.0inch, touch screen
Weight 9kg in total

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