Laser Crystal Including ND: YAG, ND: Yvo4, Diffusion Bonded Cr: YAG+ND: YAG Rod


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Nd:YVO4: a-cut 
Nd:YVO4 : c-cut

Basic Properties:

Atomic Density: 1.26×1020 atoms/cm3(Nd 1.0%)

Crystal Structure: Zircon Tetragonal, space group D4h-I4/amd

a=b=7.1193, c=6.2892

Density: 4.22g/cm3

Mohs Hardness: 4-5

Thermal Expansion Coefficient (300K): a a=4.43×10-6/K, a c=11.37×10-6/K

Thermal Conductivity Coefficient (300K): C: 0.0523W/cm/K, C: 0.0510W/cm/ K

Optical Properties: (for 1.1 atm% Nd:YVO4, a-cut)

Lasing wavelength: 1064nm, 1342nm

Thermal optical coefficient (300K): dno/dT=8.5 x 10-6/K, dne/dT=2.9 x 10-6/K

Stimulated emission cross-section: 25 x 10-19 cm2 @1.064μm

Fluorescent lifetime: 90ms

Absorption coefficient: 31.4cm-1 @810nm

Intrinsic loss: 0.02cm-1 @1064nm

Gain bandwidth: 0.96nm @1064nm

Polarized laser emission: p polarization; parallel to optic axis(c-axis)

Diode pumped optical to optical efficiency: >60%


SZLaser manufactures optical components on laser optics, instrumental optics and telecom optics. The key technologies are optical design, optical manufacturing, coating and assembly.

SZLaser main products including: Nd:YAG, Nd:YVO4, Nd:YLF, Cr:YAG,KDP & KD*P,BBO,a-BBO,Calcite

SZLaser Fiber Optic products including: 
— Fiber Optic Taper, 
— Fiber Optic Inverter
— Fiber Optic Plate etc….

SZLaser Laser Crystals including:
— Nd:YAG 
— Nd:YVO4 
— Nd:YLF 
— Cr:YAG 
— KDP & KD*P 
— BBO 
— a-BBO 
— Calcite

SZLaser Prisms including: 
— Right Angle Prism
— Penta Prism
— Retroreflector
— Roof Prism
— Dove Prism
— Dispersion Prism
— Narrow Band Beamsplitter Cube
— Broadband Beamsplitter Cube

SZLaser Mirrors including:
— Metal Coated Mirror
— Elliptical Plate Mirror
— Dielectric Coated Mirror

SZLaser Lenses including:
— Singlet Lenses
— Cylindrical Lenses
— Achromatic Lenses
— Ball Lenses

SZLaser Plate Optics including:
— BK7 Windows
— Fused Silica Windows
— CaF2 Windows
— Sapphires Windows
— Wedge Plate

SZLaser Polarizing Optics including: UV Polarizer, Visible Polarizer, IR Polarizer, Polarizing Beamsplitter, Quartz Polarizer
— Multi-, Low-Order Waveplate 
— Cemented Zero-Order Waveplate 
— Airspaced Zero-Order Waveplate 
— Ture Zero-Order Waveplate 
— Duel Wavelength Waveplate 
— Polarizztion Rotator 
— Polarization Beamsplitter 
— Glan Taylor Polarizer 
— Glan Laser Polarizer 
— Glan-Thompson Polarizer 
— Rocho Polarizer 
— Wollaston Polarizer 
— Beam Displacer

SZLaser Filters including:
— interference Filters
— Colored-Glass Filters



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