LED Phototherapy PDT Light Beauty Machine


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PDT2 Professional Beauty Machine
Wavelength 415nm–635nm
Spot Size 300mm×450mm
Irradiation Time 0~99min (adjustable)
Expected Added Value ±10%
Instability of Output Power ±10%
Total Power 300AV
Principle of LED PDT machine
Photodynamic beauty treatment system as the latest high-tech products, with the USA imported LED and purity of over 99% of genetic biological wave light source, with the world's unique optical signal transduction technology, rather than thermal effects.
During the operation adopting the photosensitive collagen with special light-sensitive ingredients and high nutrition is helpful to let the light reach the subcutaneous tissue quickly and effectively, absorbed by the cell mitochondria, resulting in the most high-efficiency photochemical reaction- enzymatic reaction.

So that increased activity of cells, promote cell metabolism, make skin secrete collagens and fibrous tissue in a large number, increase the leucocyte phagocytic capacity at the same time.

At last achieve the result restoration, rejuvenation, whitening, remove acne, anti-oxidant and so on, the good effect which the traditional skin care can not be achieved. It is especially suitable for sub-health crowd, people with dry or sensitive skin, and the patients suffering from facial neural numbness or convulsion.

Advantages of led PDT Acne Treatment
As the most advanced technology, PDT beauty system using USA original LED photobiology with the purity of 99% light acts on the target skin tissues to raise the activity of cell and improve the metabolism. No thermal effect, no injury and discomfort on the skin, which is not available for traditional skin care products
Red Light
The red light absorbed selectively by the pigments and blood vessel can reach the result of skin rejuvenation, whitening, speckle and vascular removing, reducing acne and recovering the injured skin.

Blue Light
The blue light can inhibit the inflammation, kill acne bacillus so as to eliminate acne of the skin.

Mixed light:
The Mix light of red and blue can improve the microcirculation to irritate the fabric cellular to enhance collagen and elastic fibers production, reconstruct the dermis collagen fabric structure, eliminate fine winkles, enhance stretch facial skin and effectively alleviate symptom of laxity so as to change the roughness dark tone of facial skin.

(1).Three types of specific light source for clinical treatment;
(2).It has a remote to control and adjust the height of the PDT LED light treatment head,very easy and convenient to operate.
(3) Can be customized about the light source (red,blue,purple and yellow)
(4). Non-risk of burning with Safe optical technology;
(5). Large treatment area within short-time therapy;
(6). No need of special care after treatment. Easy to use, no need of professional personnel;
(7). For different types of skin, no side effects. Comfortable, painless, non-invasive and no downtime;
(8). Stable and continuous work; no any other special consumable materials;
(9). A wide range of application for clinics or beauty salons; One device can extend to tens of aesthetics projects.

Application Ranges
1.Regrowing collagen.
2.Smoothing microgrooves and wrinkles.
3.Fading age spots, reducing solar skin damages.
4.Decreasing the erythema and telangiectasia.
5.Lightening skin pigmentation,
6.Refining pores.
7.Promoting blood circulation, improving skin conditions.
8.Removing black eye.

Technical Data

Item Value
Light source LED
Pulse duration CW
Cooling air cooling system integrated into the system
Dimension after package 750mm*400mm*1440mm
Wavelength 415nm–635nm
Spot Size 300mm×450mm
Irradiation Time 0~99min (adjustable)
Expected Added Value ±10%
Instability of Output Power ±10%
Environmental Conditions Temperature: 5~40ºC Relative humidity: <80%
Total Power 300AV
Weight 22kg
Voltage AC 220V±10%, 50Hz±1HZ
Red Light
Power Density 40mw/cm²
Luminous intensity 10000~12000mcd
LED head area (L*W) 180mm*50mm
Treatment time 1-30minutes
Blue Light
Power Density 46mw/cm²
Luminous intensity 10000~12000mcd
LED head area (L*W) 180mmX50mm
Treatment time 1-30minutes

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