Magicalift Disposable Inject Mesotherapy Needle

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What is Magicalift® ?
Magicalift is registered trademark of Bioha Laboratories which focuses on offering a variety of solutions for skin rejuvenation and radiating vitality.  It is safe and effective to treat the entire face creating a more beautiful and youthful look.

Magicalift Disposable Inject Mesotherapy NeedleWhat is the Mesotherapy Needle?

Mesotherapy needle is a disposable sterile, non-toxic, non-pyrogenic instrument that is to be used in mesotherapy. It is used together with meso Hyaluronic Acid.

Magicalift Disposable Inject Mesotherapy Needle

Indications: Wrinkles, Photoaging, Dilated pores, Stretch marks, Alopecia, Hypopigmentation, Hyperpigmentations, Flaccidity, Cellulite, Scars, Eye bags and dark circles and Acne.

1. Sterile, non-toxic, non-pyrogenic.
2. Extremely smooth surface with light silicone coating designed to minimize discomfort.
3. Wide range of gauges and lengths from 4mmto 120mm or As customer’s request.
4. Sterilized by EO gas.
5. Individual package: Blister pack.
6. Industry standard color-coded hubs.

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Magicalift Disposable Inject Mesotherapy Needle

How does it work?                                                      
Together with the mesotherapy needle, using hyaluronic acid and amino acid injections under the skin rejuvenate cells, activaing them metabolically and stimulating natural collagen and elastin production. This process not only reduces the existing wrinkles, but also helps prevent new ones from forming. It restructures mature skin, repairs post-traumatic skin imperfections and increases the elasticity and hydration of the skin.

Magicalift Disposable Inject Mesotherapy Needle


Magicalift Disposable Inject Mesotherapy Needle

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