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Feature FOR Ophthalmologic ND: YAG Laser,ophthalmic nd yag laser

* Laser Type: Nd:YAG
* Wavelength: 1064 nm
* Mode: Q-Switch
* Pulse Output: 1,2,3 pulse
* Pulse Width: 4.5 ns
* Pulse Repetition Rate: 2.5Hz
* Output Energy
1 pulse maximum output: 11mJ
2 pulse maximum output: 9mJ
3 pulse maximum output: 28mJ
4 Output Energy Regulation: 100%~6% adjustable by 7 steps
* Cone Angle: 18°
* Spot Size: 30 um
* Aiming Beam Wavelength: 630-680nm
* Aiming Output Power PC: < 0.4 mW

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