Medical Woods Lamp & Wood Lamp Skin Analysis Machine


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Medical woods lamp & Wood lamp skin analyzer! ! !

Main technical parameters:

Voltage: AC100-120/60Hz, AC200-240/50Hz
Watt: 16W
The lens: 3 D or 5 D
Wire Length: 1.8m
Plug Standard: Can be changed to customer’s requirement
Certification: CE certificate


After magnifying the skin with the examining lamp, we can tell clearly the quality and the unusual condition of the skin. Wood lamp is to help identify clearly the qualities, problems and the unusual conditions of the skin, in order to provide proper treatments.

Inspects & diagnoses skin correctly in order to perform effective skincare treatments will not harm eyes.
Comes with a plastic protection cover.
The wood`s lamp is used by the esthetician to help analyze skin conditions.
Analyze the surface and deeper layers of skin in a totally dark room.
The violet rays enable the esthetician to various skin conditions.

The lens:

3 D or 5D

The UV lamp:

Lamp current: 0.16mA
Lamp voltage: 32-36V
Wavelength: 365nm
UV Intensity: ≥ 1000 mw/cm2
3000 hours of operational life


Shade cover: 1 piece


The beauties can identity customer’s skin type for the wood lamp.

Packaging Standard:

Measurement: 36*20*9cm
Gross Weight: 1.5kg

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