Mesotherapy Gun Therapy Gun for Skin Rejuvenation Nutrition Injection




So what is the feature this produce have ?

1.Light weight and relatively small size make the hand easy to perform.

2.Possible to use continuously since injecting device and control parts are separated.

3.Practical and convenient cart makesperformance easy at small room.

4.Needle guider helps to control injecting depth.

5.Possible to use any needle and syringeunder 10cc.

6.Micro process inside makes possible for various injection mode.

What are the Funtions ?

1.Quick reshape the face, reduce double chin, nasolabial fat, nasolabial folds, to tighten the facial contour and end bag face, easily create the most photogenic little face

2.Dispel forehead wrinkles, pattern, nasolabial folds, neck wrinkles

3.eliminate and improve the eye pattern, crow’s feet, dark circles, eyes belly. Just give you charming eyes;

4.Improve and prevent skin aging, narrow coarse pores, whitening skin, deep pay, anti-allergy repair, make the skin elastic.

5.Repair tip of the nose: tip of the nose is the symbol of femininity.

6.Reducing scapular hypertrophy;reshape upper arm, back, waist, abdomen, buttocks, thigh,improve hyperhidrosis, cellulite. Give you a slender and charming.

· Anti-Wrinkle
· Extra BIO Whitening
· Wrinkle Removal
· Skin Firming Serum
· Skin Regeneration
· BIO Skin Purify
· Skin Sensitivity Decreasing
· Striae of Pregnancy Removal
· BIO Freckle Dispelling
· Body Slimming

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