Micro-Needle Therapy 5 in 1 Derma Roller Skin Roller with 4 Rollers


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Derma  roller system:
Micro-needle therapy or Derma roller is used for skin micro roller "minimally invasive" stimulation, in a short time to create a large number of micro-channels in the epidermis and dermis, subcutaneous tissue formed between a superior delivery system, the activity of the product ingredients and nutrients to be quickly absorbed through the skin, greatly enhance the product’s efficacy.
Applications of roller:
1. Cell Regeneration
2. Accelerated Cell Turn Over
3. Clear Skin Tone
4. Improved Skin Texture
5. Reduced Skin Pore
6. Reduced Wrinkle
7. Whitening
Derma Roller needle length:
Needle length: 0.2 ,0.25,0.3, 0.5, 0.75, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0 mm
Home use: 0.2mm,0.25mm,0.3mm
Clinical use: 0.5mm,0.75mm
Medical use: 1.0mm


1.Rejuvenates skin, promotes pores and skin elasticity, will increase skin thickness.
2.Reduces appearance of cellulite, stretch marks, and large pores.
3.Stimulates hair growth, improves thinning/balding hair areas.
4.Can be used on all areas of the face, neck and body and scalp.
5.Can be used by yourself anytime at your personal convenience.

name 5 in 1 derma roller
colors pink and gray are available
Body roller head 1200 pins, length: 1.5mm
Face roller head 720 pins, length:1.0mm
Eye roller head 300 pins, length:0.5mm
Topical Use 12 pins
Service OEM/ ODM or Customized service

 How to choose the derma roller?

How offen to use our derma roller ?
♦ 0.25/0.3mm: Every day or every other day
♦ 0.5mm: 2-3 times a week
♦ 1.0mm: Once a week
♦ 1.5mm: Once every two weeks if used lightly, once every 3-4 weeks if used more vigorously.
♦ 2.0mm: Once every five weeks

How to change the roller head?
    5 in 1 derma roller kit comes with 4 replaceable roller heads, you can switch between different roller heads with different needle count (12needles and 240 needles for small area like eye, scar; 600 needles for medium area like face, neck; 1200 needles for large area like belly, leg) and length. Follow the instructions below to change your roller heads properly.

Is Dermaroller safe and how much redness do you get?
It does not involve injections and therefore allergic reactions and side-effects are unlikely. It is minimally invasive, involves minimal or no downtime, rapid healing and requires simple aftercare.
Immediately after your Dermaroller Therapy you will look as though you have moderate sunburn and your skin may feel warm and tighter than usual. This will start to subside after 1 to 2 hours and will normally recover within the same day. You may have slight redness the following day or two.
What can the Derma Roller System treat?
The Derma Roller System can be used by both women and men and has numerous beneficial effects including:
– Anti Ageing
– Anti Wrinkle
– Cellulite Treatment / Cellulite Reduction or Removal
– Hair Loss Treatment / Hair Restoration
– Hyper Pigmentation Treatment
– Scar Removal – including acne scar removal
– Skin Smoothing
– Stretch Mark Removal
How fast does the Derma Roller get results?
The speed at which you will get results depends on what you are treating and how extensively your body needs to remodel the 
affected area. This process of skin remodelling can go on for months after each Derma Roller treatment, but noticeable results 
can be seen within a week! Your skin naturally renews itself every 40 days, so with a little stimulation changes can be dramatic
and fast.

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