Microneedle RF Mesotherapy Gun Facial Care Beauty Machine


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1) Forehead,temple,periorbital,perioral and cheek photoaging improvement.
2) Cheek and lip augmentation.
3) Atrophic scar improvement.
4) Hair pore shrink and neck wrinkle improvement.
5) Mesotherapy gun beauty injection machine.

Output Power 300W
Voltage AC 110-220V
Pressure 4-8Kg
Pump Weight 13 Catty
Machine size and weight CM 40x30x22 15 Kg
Air box size and weight(including instruments) CM 64X40X30 22 Kg
Base size and weight CM 47x37x86 12 Kg


The needleless water instrument uses the latest technology of water-injection therapy. It allows the skin to absorb the product perfectly and make the basal layer of the skin to grow into a new tissue.The new skin will be more delicate, thus achieving the most beautiful skin.

The non-invasive Water instrument uses high-end equipment and utilizes hyaluronic acid of nano-molecular , combined with unique needleless transdermal technology, will be rich in water molecules of hyaluronic acid, oxygen molecules, minerals, trace elements and nutrients needed by the skin, Therapeutic drugs, etc., release nutrients layer by layer to the skin and provide multiple functions such as hydration, lifting, whitening, wrinkles, and damaged skin.

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