Mini Facial Steamer, Household Facial Sauna Steamer


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1.Functions :

Vapor and Sterilize skin 
The vapor steamer consists of rich and various active hydronium ion, can stimulate blood circulation

and supply the water element in the cells, nourish and moisten the skin, coinstantaneous sterilizer skin by Ozon 
herbal vaporizer

Use proper herb, have a great effect to treat comedo, telangiectasis, dermatisis, whiten and nourish skin.

2.Features :

-Easy to carry;

-Favorable design to use conveniently;

-Be Suitable for family use;

-Open up the skin pore;

-Soften the grease;

-Intenerate scar,black head and make-up remnants;

-Moisten skin.


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