Monopolar RF Beauty Machine Skin Tighten Face Care Equipment


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1. Remove kinds of wrinkles (Turkey neck, butterfly sleeves, tuna fish maw)
2. Skin rejuvenation, skin whitening and skin elasticity improvement
3. Skin tightening, facial lift, pore size diminishment and elasticity
3. Body Shaping (hip shape, leg shape, waist week shape etc. )

1. Favorable 1-40MHz RF with penetration 5~15mm, full range of treatment and better effect
2. Diode laser with 635nm wavelength greatly promotes RF treatment effect.
2. Two treatment headpieces design for specific treatment target with different size, aiming to face tightening with small head and body contouring with big head.
3. Variable energy level control basing on skin temperature in order for accurate treatment
4. Patented inside GPC Temperature Control System automatically and simultaneously changes along with treatment parameters, such as skin temperature, contacting degree of the handle etc. To reach safe and effective treatment
5. LCD color touch screen, friendly operation interface
6. Patented electrical conducting AB paper attached to the system for value added service

Radio frequency skin rejuvenation system adopts a capacitive coupling electrode to deliver radio frequency energy and produce an electric field through epidermis into hypodermis. With 1-40MHz frequency, the electric field transforms its polarity 1-40M times per second. In order to respond the quick transformation, charged particles in skin also transform its directions at the same frequency when the electric resistance of hypodermis will move and produce heat energy. The heat energy will make temperature of collagen rise and when the temperature reaches 60-70 centigrade, collagen will contract instantly, so flabby skin will be lifted and tightened. When collagen increase continuously, the thickness and density of dermis will increase relatively, which remove wrinkles, scars, recover skin elasticity and luster and make skin white and smooth. The adjuvant therapy of diode laser greatly promotes RF treatment effect!

Model Echo-A
RF frequency 1-40MHZ
Diode laser wavelength 635nm
Output energy 2-300J, adjustable
RF output mode Mono-polar, bi-polar or tri-polar
Display screen 5.7 inch color touch screen
Power supply AC110V/220V, 50Hz/60Hz
Dimension 32.5cm*26cm*31cm
Weight 12kg

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