Monopolar RF Body Shaping Beauty Equipment (BS-RF2)


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Monopolar RF Body Shaping BeautyEquipment

Model: BS-RF2

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Radio frequency skin promotion system, also known as beauty technology, of which the unique 0.25 ~ 47MHz adjustable technology is applied. The BS-RF2 series choose the best frequency range for cosmetic purpose with good treatment result as well as providing comfortable user experience.

The duration effect heats up the collagen and causes the denaturalization, which is called collagen shrinkage. RF penetrates epidermis and reaches deep dermis to subsequent contraction of the collagen tissue, and the loose skin and wrinkle parts is tightened. The thermal effect speeds up collagen re-growth, and gain a long-term effect of tightening, smooth and soften the skin maximally.


— Remove wrinkle on the face: Look-up wrinkle, glabellum wrinkle, crow's-feet, channel wrinkle around the nose and the lips, wrinkles at the former ears, down eyelid wrinkle, neck wrinkle.
— Promotion, tightening: Promote and tight the forehead, eye-around, face and neck; Shrink the pore, remove the double chin
— Shape the body: Arm, thigh, abdomen, promote and tight the waist, improve the orange-peel like tissue on the body.
— Melt fat, loose weight, shaping, delete gravidity lines, face shaping


— Mono-polar RF reaches 5-15mm of tissue to makes the treatment more effective.
— Dual body handpieces with three different probes provide more functions.
— Patented GPC detector installed inside, which can detect the touching condition between the treating handpiece and the skin.
— External data port (USB interface) for user data downloading and software upgrading.
— High definition 12.1 Inch sized screen & touch controlling panel make more easy operation.
— Patented electricity-conducted film ensures the veracity of the treatment.
— Intergrate customer information management software to facilitate the operator to find recent treatment logs and parameters.
— Built-in printer/camera can help record the treatment history for customer's reference.

– Composite Frequency: 0.45MHz – 2.65MHz Self-adjusted
– Output Mode: Mono-Polar Radio Frequency
– Maximum RF Power: 360Watts
– Radiofrequency Energy Density: < 300J/cm3
– Facial treatment handle: 1Sets
– Body treatment handle: 1 Set
– Standby Power: 16VA
– Display: 12.1 inch true colorful touch screen
– Data output port: Standard USB2.0
– Weight 33Kg
– Power 220V +-10%, 50/60Hz

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