Multi-Functional 6 in 1 Face Cleaning Water Oxygen Jet Peel Machine


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Newest 6 in 1 Jet Peel Beauty Machine for Skin Care


Product parameter


Product name

Multi-functional 6 in 1 face cleaning water oxygen jet peel machine



Probe amounts




Ultrasonic frequency



1.5 MHz

Cold hammer temperature


Liquid bottle



10.4 inch LCD touched screen


Oxygen jet peel machine


12 months



1. Skin moisturizing.

2. Acne treatment.

3. Skin rejuvenation.

4. Pigment removal.

5. Whitening.

6. Skin tightening.

7. Improve oily skin.

8. Blackheads removal.

9. Smooth skin.


  1. Skin moisturizing.
  2. Acne treatment.
  3. Skin rejuvenation.
  4. Pigment removal.
  5. Whitening.
  6. Skin tightening.
  7. Improve oily skin.
  8. Blackheads removal.
  9. Smooth skin.


  1. Fold-able screen.
  2. One machine solves many kinds of skin problems.
  3. Non-surgical.
  4. Automatic cleansing system.
  5. Six operating probe.

Attention matters

  1. The instrument should be placed in a stable place.
  2. The instrument can not be covered by anything to prevent vents blocked.
  3. Do not use in the following environment: sunlight, high humidity place, near water place.
  4. It can not be used in conjunction with other instruments.
  5. When the instrument is abnormal during the operation, the operator must immediately leave the operation handle to the patient and press the stop switch.
  6. After the operating, the probe should be done a good cleaning.

Taboos people

  1. Seriously thin corneum people, please do not use bubble suction pen, RF pen.
  2. Serious red couperose skin, please do not operate RF for long time.
  3. Serious allergic skin, please do not use this device.
  4. Serious acne skin, please do not use this device.
  5. Pregnant women.
  6. After surgical operation.
  7. Pacemakers users.


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