Multifunction Beauty Equipment with IPL+RF+Elight+ND YAG Laser+Cavitation




4 in 1 IPL RF Elight and ND YAG Laser Beauty Equipment

This multifunction machine-combine E-light, IPL, Cavitation, Bipolar RF,1064&532nm ND Yag laser into one machine, so that you could get 5 machines’ function from this one machine, you could get more benefit with less invest.

E-light Function

1. Remove unwanted hair;
2. Smooth fine wrinkles;
3. Shrink and tighten pores
4. Remove acne
5. Remove freckle, facial blemish;
6. Remove facial vascular lesions. (Telangiectasis)
7. Rejuvenate skin

IPL Function

1. Firm and tighten lax skin
2. Skin Rejuvenation
3. Treat superficial benign vascular and pigmented lesions, including telangiectasias, symptoms of rosacea and angioma
4. Resolve stubborn and resistant superficial benign pigmented and vascular lesions on lighter skin colors
5. Hair Removal, treat even minimally-pigmented hair colors and all skin colors
6. Acne Treatment: Clinically proven, safe, effective acne treatment; Reduce sebaceous gland activity and destroy active acne.

RF function

1. Skin tightening and face lifting
2. Improving skin-elasticity and skin-shine
3. Deep and light wrinkles eliminating
4. Pregnancy line restoring
5. Skin-metabolism improving
6. Divide bacterium and diminish inflammation
7. Pore contracted
8. Shape beautiful figure

Cavitation Function

1. Weight loss and skin rejuvenation come true together, comfortable treatment.
2. Break up lipocytes and body shaping together.

1064nm&532nm Laser function

1. Tattoo removal. Remove black, blue, brown and red tattoo pigments on eyebrow, eye line, lip line and other parts of body
2. Remove birth mark, otas nevus and dermal speckle
3.1064nm wavelength: Get rid of freckles and yellow brown spot, eyebrow tattoo, failed eye line tattoo, tattoo, Birthmark and Nevus of Ota, pigmentation and age spot, nevus in black and blue, scarlet red, deep coffee and so on deep colo.
4.532nm wavelength: Get rid of freckles, eyebrow tattoo, failed eye line tattoo, tattoo, lips line, pigment, telangiectasia in shallow red, brown and pink and so on light color

1.Multi-purpose,functional complementary,widely application,marvelous treatment effect
2.Professional and modern design,8.4 inch big Color Touch LCD screen,humanized menu, easy operation
3.The shell is made of the?ABS environmental material?and beautiful design.
4. The cooling temperature of the treatment head can reach?-5~3 °C, which makes the treatment more comfortable and safe
5.?Water level, water flow and water automatic detection?greatly increasing machine’s life; expectancy and safety;
6.?Long continuous work time, stable function, shot period of treatment, easy operation, no down time, delivery in time without delay.
7. Multilingual arbitrary languages, anywhere in the world can be easily grasped.
8.With two operation mold,easy mold ,suit for the? fresher? operator,the professional mold suit the experience operator .









E-light function 

Multi-band hand-piece 480/530/560/580/640~1200nm (Standard)
430/690/750~1200nm (Option)
Energy density 10-50J/cm2(adjustable)
Frequency 2s, 3s, 4s
Pulse Number 1-15 pulses(adjustable)
Sub-pulse Width modulation 0.1-9.9ms(adjustable)
Pulse Space 0.1-99.9ms(adjustable)
RF Frequency 1-10MHZ
RF Energy 0-50 J/cm2(adjustable)
Light Spot Area 12*35mm2/ 8*40mm2 /15*50mm2(IPL RF)
Cooling system Semiconductor wind  water cooling gel sapphire filters





IPL Function 

Multi-band hand-piece 480/530/560/580/640~1200nm (Standard)
430/690/750~1200nm (Option)
Spot Size 12*30mm2/ 8*40mm2 /15*50mm2
Light Source Six times atmospheric pressure
Energy Density 0-50J/cm2
Frequency 2s, 3s, 4s
Pulse Number 1-15 pulses(adjustable)
Sub-pulse duration 0.1-10ms
Pulse Space: 0.1-100ms (adjustable)
Cooling system Semiconductor wind  water cooling gel sapphire filters



RF Function 

RF output Bipolar rf 
RF frequency 6MHZ
RF Energy 20~100 J/cm3
RF Input Power 500W
RF Output Powe 200W

Cavitation Function 

Cavitation frequency 40.5KHZ
Cavitation max ourput 100W
Cavitation power 0~5 W/CM2




ND yag laser function  

Wavelength double wavelength 1064nm, 532nm
Single-pulse Energy 1500mJ (1064nm); 400mJ (532nm)
Width of pulses  <15ns
Frequency 1-10HZ(adjustable)
Diameter of spot 1-7mm
Beam of light transmission 7 articular-arm of light guide transmitting, transmission power is more than 75%
The light spot diameter of the laser output 3mm
Cooling manner Closed-off water circulation  air



The other specification 


Screen 10" inch color touch LCD display
Voltage 220V(110V)/15A 50Hz(60Hz)
N/G Weight(KGS) 65/96KGS
Machine size 620mm×440mm×1100mm(L x W x H)
Packing size 760mmx620mmx1320mm(L x W x H)

Our mainly products are esthetic devices and medical beauty equipment 
1.IPL Series
2.E-light(IPL&RF) Series
3.Cavitation Slimming Series
4.Vacuum Liposuction Series
5.808nm Diode Laser Hair Removal Series
6.Fractional Co2 Laser Series
7.Q-switched Nd Yag Laser Series
8.RF Radio Frequency Series
9.650nm Laser Slimming Series
10.Multi-functional Series
11. SHR hair removal and skin rejuvenation series
12. Fractional RF skin tightening series 

Our company offer OEM and ODM Service ,We own professional and high-tech enginner department andsale team and after-sales services
term so that we can offer our customer the best and high-tech beauty and medical equipment, powerful technique support and timely after-sale service. 
We concentrate on high-quality and high tech of the beauty and medical equipment .Quality and after-sale service is our life, customer is king,
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