Multifunction Salon Equipment /Ce Approved Opt RF Laser Beauty Equipment


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1 IPL — 3 working systems

(1) Elight for hair removal, freckle removal & skin care
480—1200nm, spider vein removal, acne treatment
530—1200nm, freckle removal
640—1200nm, hair removal IPL Beauty Equipment
430—1200nm, acne treatment
560—1200nm, skin rejuvenation
590—1200nm, spider vein removal
690—1200nm, thick and hard hair removal
Optional filters:
755—1200nm, very thick and hard hair removal

(2) Bipolar RF (20mm/28mm/35mm) working system for wrinkle removal, body shaping and weight loss
20mm for wrinkle removal around eyes, nose, etc.
28mm for face treatment, 35mm for body treatment.

(3) (532nm 1064nm 1320nm) ND YAG Laser for tattoo removal, spot removal and skin whitening with medical carbon mask
532nm: Remove green, red, and other colored tattoos, birthmark removal
1064nm: Remove brown, black and other colored tattoos, and also it remove black and lighten dark spot.
1320nm: Professional for black moppet treatment with medical carbon mask

2. IPL-Accessory

1 body machine

3pcs of handles: E-light handle, RF handle, Yag laser handle

7pcs of filters: 430nm/480nm/530nm/560nm/590nm/640nm/690nm

3pcs of RF heads: 20mm/28mm/35mm

3pcs of laser heads: 532nm/1064nm/1320nm

1pair of IPL protective glasses

1pair of laser protective glasses

2pairs of goggle

1pc of funnel

1pc of foot pedal

1pc of power line

2 keys

3.IPL- Application

Permanent hair removal

All kinds of Spots removal, freckle removal

Skin lifting, skin tightening, skin rejuvenation,

Skin whitening, wrinkle removal, recon tour

Facial curves, shrink large pores, recon tour

Body curves

Acne treatment, spider vein treatment

All colors of Tattoo removal, eyebrow line, lip

Line pigments removal

4. Specification

Power source E light (IPL RF): 2000W /RF: 900W /Laser: 350W
3 handles E light &RF &Laser
Screen 8.4 inch real color touch screen 5.7 key press screen
Stnadard filters 430nm/480nm/530nm/560nm/590nm /640nm/690nm
Optional filter 755nm
Spot size 12*30mm2/15*35mm2/15*50mm2
Bipolar RF probes diameter 20mm/28mm/35mm
Laser treatment head 532nm/1064nm/1320nm (moppet head)
Laser type Nd yag laser
IPL power 01-50J/cm2
Pulse width 0.1-99.9ms
Pulsespace time 01-99ms
Pulse number 1-15
Pulse interval 1s, 2s, 3s, 4s
RF modes A: pulse mode B: sequential mode
RF power 01-25j
RF frequency 10MHZ
RF delay 100-2500ms
RF discharge interval 1-4s
Laser energy 300-1500mj
Laser frequency 1-6HZ
Operating language 12 kinds
Cooling system Semiconductor wind water cooling gel
Input power AC 220V (110V)/ 15A 50HZ(60HZ)
Machine Size 43*56*126cm
Package size 53*68*135cm

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