Multifunctional Microdermabrasion Beauty Salon Equipment with Magnifying Lamp B-8618-33


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15 function beauty equipment
High frequency
Skin lifting
Vacuum: Remove acne and pimple
Spray tonics
Rotary Brush
Wood lamp
Magnifying lamp
Hot cabinet with UV light
Facial steamer with timer
Cold&hot hammer
Diamond peel, Metabolic depressor LGP, Chest enhance, Speckle remover
( Each function can be choosed. )

12 In 1 Facial machine Multifunctional beauty equipment with microdermabrasion B-8618-33

Technical Standard:
Brand: Beautyplus , Everplus
Voltage: AC200-240V/50Hz AC100-120V/60Hz
Watt: 1050W
Wire Length: 1.8m
Plug Standard: Can be changed to customer’s requirement
Certification: CE Certificated


Function Description Picture
Facial steamer with ozone The facial steamer is used to clean the skin thoroughly by opening the pores in order to remove impurities (like blackheads, whiteheads, make up, etc.) and generally revitalize the skin. /
Rotary brush Deep clear and clean up aged horniness.
Reduce melanin to get a white skin.
In-depth eliminates the wrinkle, strengthens the skin elasticity.
Galvanic & Skin lifting Galvanic is for deep cleaning. Introduction of active substance by means of galvanic current which helps to permeate the layers of skin much more intensively and deeply .
High frequency High frequency provides germicidal, decongesting effect and can produce ozone that helps to cure wound easily without leaving any pitted scar.
Vacuum & Spray The suction is helpful in cleansing of the skin.
The spray has many features when used in facial treatment .It helps achieve thorough cleansing of the skins surface.
Magnifying lamp Magnifying lamp provides cool lighting, which would not sting eyes to make them tired. It is suitable to be used for special esthetical treatments for precisions.
Wood lamp Wood lamp is to help identify clearly the qualities, problems and the unusual conditions of the skin; in order to provide proper treatments.
Ultrasonic Helps deep penetrating
Accelerates metabolism
Stimulates blood & lymph circulations
Eliminates blemishes & bagginess
Reduces cellulites, fine line & wrinkles
Relaxes tired muscles
Stimulate lymph/ Fat suction With vacuum massage functions, this instrument can be used as a strong deep tissue massage apparatus. Suction draws tissue up between rollers to lift, fold or roll the skin .
Diamond peel It exfoliates your skin by utilizing a multi-degree diamond tipped wand through continuous scrubbing and vacuuming the topmost layer of skin,
Cold& hot hammer Calm skin after skin horniness care
Calm sensitive skin
Improve absorbency of skin
Make skin better, remedy lackluster symptom
Speckle remover erythema,scars after the acne is treated, abnormal skin color,flecks under skin
, facial wrinkles and extravasated blood
, eye-sack and black eye-rim. Soften nodule and cure acne.Cure the sclerosis
Breast care/nipple care/ cupping lifting,shape correcting,nipple sag improvement.
skin tightening, lifting, firming up
facereshaping, slimming

blood and lymph circulation improvement

Ultrasonic scrubber Deep clean
Scrub any impurities away from pores
Will not dry out skin
Accelerates and enhances capacity of skin absorption

♦ Each function in this multi-function beauty system has its own power control.
♦ Even if one function is down, other functions can still be workable.
Packaging & Shipping
External Packing Size: 105*53*52cm
Net Weight: 37kg
Gross Weight: 41kg
Our Services
We can provide OEM, ODM.
Warranty: one year for the machine, one month for the accessories

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