Multifunctional Microdermabrasion RF Facial Lifting Mesotherapy Beauty Machine


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Multifunctional microdermabrasion rf facial lifting mesotherapy beauty machine
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To incomplete statistics, the nation’s governing body the skin of about 3,000, the
introduction of broken needle-free device, is worth attention is that the rise in recent
years in the United States Medspa, to promote fast-food-style beauty, in the U.S. more
than 43 states in the MEDSPA use of non-needle broken Technology! More than
50,000 professional dermatologist recommended!
Taiwan : No Needle in Taiwan started early, development is very rapid,
non-needle broken instrument landed on Taiwan, with its high-end technology,
excellent efficacy, personalized design and operation, and quickly occupied the beauty of Taiwan’s market share of more than Qi Cheng won acclaim.
Hongkong:In September 2007, no needle broken officially launched in Hong
Kong, the resulting influence even beyond the technical pre-RF Face Lift.
Singapore : Singapore uses the latest technology – Broken therapy,
beauty-conscious Singaporeans have an additional option, so that people can no
matter how reluctant circumstances, to enjoy fast and effective whitening shaping.
The application of advanced cosmetic technology, using "point to the surface" ultra
penetration techniques, positioning, fixed layer, quantitative and high-energy primary
fluid, directly to the skin’s dermal layer and the cell interior, so that contains a variety
of nutrients and active ingredients The high-energy primary fluid, was quickly
organized and cells lining the skin absorption, play a direct role in-house, resulting in
efficacy, promote skin metabolism, to maintain the skin whitening and flexibility.
The absorption ratio to the high-effect active substance is higher over 2000 times than
the traditional skin care products.
During injecting the skin care products, only the proper products can match with the charge production of No-needle Mesotherapy equipment, then accurately
form the loop microcurrent on the treated part ,to control the original liquid by
layer-oriented and orientation, correctly act on the targeted cells.
All active substance is developed by California research biology center. As the result,
the effect of special active substance combination with the No-needle Mesotherapy
equipment is higher than single substance effect summation.
Parameters of No-needle Mesotherapy equipment are results after multiway
considerations. The most important is designed by the cosmetic business people’s
suited active original liquid, then can make sure the fantasy efficacy of the

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Dongguan Yahao Electronic Technology Co., Ltd is a company focus on producing beauty equipment for 10 years. We provide a wide range of products to meet customer requirements and we have advantage in producing cavitation slimming machine, IPL, dermabrasion machine and E-light photon equipment. With more over 300 well trained workers, 10 experienced engineers, our daily production is up to 300 units. We have our own R&D team, OEM/ODM are available. Our goal is to bring you the latest beauty and health equipment from around the world.
Our company insists on the service tenet of "integrity and quality first".We launch the most stylish, popular and classic products.We are willing to offer you t you the most favorable price and the most perfect service, and develop the market with you.

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