Multifunctional S9-01 Laser IPL Hair Removal Machine




Multifunctional S9-01 Laser Ipl Hair Removal Machine

Treatment Theory                           

S9 is an intelligent and non-peeling skin reconstruction system which combines skin cooling,ultra-pulse phototherapy and RF.HONKON’s IPL technology can disperse spot pigmentation.It uses intelligent combination to focus two kinds energy on collagen tissue and hair papilla within dermis.It can realize skin reconstruction and hair removal without any pain or side-effect.



Acne removal
Skin rejuvenation
Hair removal
Vascular removal
Freckle removal
Wrinkle removal
Skin lifting and tightening



1. Economical and practical blue touching screen,intelligent man-machine interactive system.

2. Small desktop design is very worthy for carrying and transportation.

3.High-power skin cooling cycle system technology can protect your skin and make sure the security and comfort during treatment.

4.High-power skin cooling cycle system technology makes sure stability for long-time work.



Handpiece Type F E Handpiece
Spot Size 8mm*40mm
Dimensions 43*52*59cm3
1st pulse width  0.1-10ms
Cooling Water, Air and Senmiconductor Cooling
Insurerance Standard Max5A
Energy density 20-50j/cm2
Gross Weight 31kg
Cooling Temperature -2ºC-0ºC
Power supply AC220V 50HZ; AC110V 60HZ


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