New Arrival Meso Injector Machine Mesotherapy Gun Mesogun for Face




New arrival meso injector machine mesotherapy gun mesogun for face


1. Moisturizing;
2. wrinkles, large pores, skin sagging;
3. freckles, date spot, age spots, melasma, pigmentation and other pigment disorders;
4.telangiectasia, skin flushing, rosacea, erythema, acne and other vascular diseases; muddy, finish lower, more sebum, acne.


· Anti-Wrinkle
· Extra BIO Whitening
· Wrinkle Removal
· Skin Firming Serum
· Skin Regeneration
· BIO Skin Purify
· Skin Sensitivity Decreasing
· Striae of Pregnancy Removal
· BIO Freckle Dispelling

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