New Portable Wrinkle Removal Face Lift Hifu Beauty Machine


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New Portable Wrinkle Removal Face Lift HIFU Beauty Machine

HIFU polar sonic face-lifts is a professional non-invasive firming, anti-wrinkle, shaping equipment. It uses the method of focused ultrasound to concentrate the ultrasound, with its focus on the heat high-energy ultrasound into the 4.5 mm light musculoaponeurotic layer (SMAS). The heat energy of HIFU can effectively stimulate collagen hyperplasia of self, and the elastin make the skin more elastic.  At the same time, it has very good effects on skin tightening, anti-wrinkle, shaping, etc.

Product parameter
Product name New Portable Wrinkle Removal Face Lift HIFU Beauty Machine
Frequency 4MHZ
Mode pulse number, mode output
Energy 10-100J
Treatment probe DS3.0mm, DS4.5mm
Working way single point/continuous mode
Input power AC 110V-220V, 50HZ-60HZ
Main machine weight 12kg
Gross weight 80kg
Packing size 68*65*132cm

The advantages of radar line carve

  1. Lift and tighten face skin.
  2. Improve skin quality, remove face wrinkles.
  3. Remove neck wrinkles.
  4. Improve skin elasticity.
  5. Promote metabolism


  1. Women in menstrual period, pregnancy and lactation are not suitable.
  2. People with myasthenia gravis and nervous system diseases.
  3. If the age is over 60 years old, the skin is aging seriously.
  4. People with severe heart disease, implanted cardiac pacemaker or similar devices.
  5. People with diabetes, hyperthyroidism patients, advanced cancer.
  6. People with thick subcutaneous fat.
  7. People suffer from facial paralysis, immune system diseases, such as lupus erythematosus, epilepsy patients.
  8. Operating areas have severe lymphatic edema, inflammation, immune public health abnormal patients.
  9. The surgical wound is not healed.
  10. Those who have been injected with botulinum toxin within one month.
  11. If you have a hyaluronic acid or collagen injection within half year, you must inform doctor in advance.
  12. People have injected artificial fillers, such as silica gel.

New Portable Wrinkle Removal Face Lift HIFU Beauty Machine

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