Newest Jet Peel Water Oxygen Skin Rejuvenation Acne Removal Machine



Newest Jet Peel Water Oxygen Skin Rejuvenation Acne Removal Machine

Derma-kw large bubble integrated skin management instrument, one-stop skin management.Big steam bubble net skin management instrument, one machine solves 8 big problems.Ice muscle beautifying head: by means of the outside cold heat exchange to make the essence of beauty skin care products and curative effect to the maximum play.Let nutrition permeate reach the treaty between the base and the dermis, decomposition resist melanin and at the same time, supply a large number of moisture and nutrients, improve the elasticity of collagen fibers, with heating and temperature difference of physical function, achieve ice therapy moisturizing, depth lock water, ice therapy anti-allergic, enhance skin immunity, ice flow catalytic, high absorption, ice therapy matte firming skin

Spray gun: using high pressure jet principle, the nutritional ingredients of nanometer atomization, recycle control injection force produced by negative pressure on the skin, let the cells through the respiratory system is called absorption, complement nourishment, the effect of the water.

By means of high concentration of oxygen molecules, the oxygen molecules can carry the active factor, and then spray the active nutrients evenly in the beauty spot through ion atomization.

The oxygen enters the skin, strengthens the skin’s respiration function, lets the cell carry on the aerobic exercise, makes the skin active degree increases, promotes the skin new Chen.

Metabolism, to achieve whitening, moisturizing, light skin, repair sensitive skin effect.

Diamond sculpture is the use of sculpture has diamonds particles, cooperate with the friction and vacuum suction technology, thoroughly eliminate aging skin outermost cells, achieve depth is clean, clear skin ageing cutin, minimally invasive scars, clear blackheads,Technology to promote skin cell renewal.

Many disposable micro water head, a small stream of water through the effect and vacuum negative pressure mode, high speed polishing effect on skin, gasification effect of liquid products make the skin complement moisture, fully USES the patent repair nursing head with perfect computer programming, can make skin care treatment is more reasonable and more specialized.

Newest Jet Peel Water Oxygen Skin Rejuvenation Acne Removal Machine

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