No Needle Mesotherapy Injection Meso Gun for Skin Rejuvenation


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No Needle Mesotherapy Injection Meso Gun for Skin Rejuvenation

What is it?
Water mesotherapy is to inject hyaluronic acid into skin. Hyaluronic acid contains
moisture, 200-300 times as rich as one’s body. So that it makes the skin smooth, soft,
bright and hydrated after the injection. In order to keep the skin hydrated, ladies always
choose varied skin care products. Actually, skin care products only hydrate moisture on
the cutin. So that over smearing those products cannot deeply provide moisture for
the skin. As we know, acne, wrinkle and inelasticity would appear if skin lacks moisture.
Water mesotherapy will solves all the problems by reason of lacking moisture, such as
sallow skin, color spot, wrinkle… And it will supply moisture for dermis. Therefore water
mesotherapy will works well on whitening, moisturizing and renewing inelasticity.
Principle of hyaluronic injection pen
Technical principle: Needless,using transdermal dispersion technology, high pressure
generated by the pressure device, the liquid is pushed out from the micropores at the
top of the front end to form a 0.17MM ultra-fine liquid column, which instantly
penetrates the skin to reach the skin, and easily achieves the anti-age effect.

Technical Specification

Product Name Hyaluron pen, Hyaluronic acid injection pen
Technology No needle mesotherapy
Operation System High Pressure Atomization
Body Material Stainless steel
Injection Power 450m/s
Treatment Area Lip,face, eye around, body skin
Gross Weight 0.85kg

1.Needle Free
Many people suffer from needle phobia. Our Needle Free Technology alleviates needle
phobia with needle-free injection.

2.Virtually Pain Free
Fast injection in less than 1/3 of a second, micro orifice, and the automated spring
pressure make injections with ‘THE SERA’ virtually painless

3.Fast, easy, and safe
THE SERATM is simple. It can be used by patients for self-injection, or other individuals
can administer injections of the prescribed medication.

4.No Risk of Needle-stick Injuries
It eliminates needle-stick injuries as THE SERA is needle-free, thus reducing disposal
costs Eliminates Cross-contamination

5.Nozzle and adapter are sterilized by gamma irradiation:
they are disposable, thus eliminating the possibility of cross-contamination.

6.Long Life and Low Maintenance
THE SERATM can be used for over 10,000 injections, and it is operated by a self-
powered spring.

Needle Free Injection System Feature
NADELLOSE INJECTION PEN — This advanced micro-injection pen has no needle, avoid
any invasive, it adopt the pressure technology, the use of 6.5bar pressure, in nanoscale
small molecules 220 meters per second, the speed of air Flow to the skin grass roots
Micro droplets delivered directly through the skin, transfer gel like hyaluronic acid, VC
to skin dermal layer comfortable without pain.
POSSIBLE NEEDLES — You can put very small amounts of hyaluronic acid, vitamin C or
other skinboosters to syringe, and then inject them into the deep dermis, leaving your
skin beauty. Free injection does not cause peripheral nerve injury, so it can achieve a
painless effect.
EFFECTIVE FEEDER — The recommended injection technique is the micro-puncture
technique, in which very small amounts of hyaluronic acid, VC or other skin boosters
are injected into the deep dermis, about 1-2 cm apart. Once injected, the HA gel flows
smoothly and spreads evenly into the skin. This non-invasive non-needle injector
provides excellent volume application over large surface areas of the skin to achieve
the best results.
EASY USE — You use syringe put hylauronic acid gel into the tube of the injector, if you
want VC VB, also use syringe put this into the tube mixture with hylauronic acid. Direct
injection follow the line of the face one by one until the whole face finish, you do not
feel any pain at all. After three or four times injections, powerful result in skin,
rejuvenation, brightness, moisture, youthful.

Real picture

How to use

About Us
Started from Year 2009, Guangzhou Allfond Electronics Co.,Ltd is one of the most
professional manufacturers making various kinds of top beauty and slimming equipment,

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1. What’s your warranty?
Our machine has one year warranty, during the first 3 months, if happen non-human
-caused broken, we can ship the spare part to you, the shipping cost will pay by the
customers,in the other 9 months , we just charge a little cost for spare parts.

2. If the machines broken during the shipment, how to do?
Once you received the machine, the package is damaged, please complain to the
sending person and get a complain number, We will contact shipping company for
compensation. As usual this problem rate less than 0.1% according to our experience.

3. Do you offer OEM/ODM service?
Yes, it’s avaiable.

4. How to pay?
The payment by T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram is acceptable.

Welcome to send inquiry to our mesotherapy gun suppliers and manufacturers, we will provide our best products and service to meet your requirements.


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