Noble Laser RF Beauty Equipment for Face and Body with Diode Laser




1.RF Laser skin tightening 
2.RF output mode:Tripolar& Bipolar& Monopolar 
3.635nm and 650nm diode laser ,import from japan 


Skin tightening&Wrinkles removal home use machine rf laser Echo-B
Application of rf laser
1) Remove Wrinkles: thin line, forehead wrinkle, cheek line, wrinkle around lip, neck line, double chin, skin-smoothing, eyelid-sagging, crows- feet, wrinkles under eye and pouch.
2) Body Shaping: tighten the loose-skin of arm, waist, abdomen, and leg and pregnancy line 
3) Facial Lifting and Tightening 
4) Skin Rejuvenation, Pore Minising
How the Radio frequency machine works
RF Skin Rejuvenation System uses its 1-40Hz adjustable frequency system to rapidly alternate the electric field in the skin from positive to negative in order to set up the optimum applicable frequency. RF produces energy when the tissue’s electrical resistance converts the electric current to thermal energy in the dermis. Initial collagen denaturation in these thermally modified deep tissues causes the immediate tissue contraction. Subsequent neocollagenesis then further tightens the dermal tissue and reduces wrinkles. It will largely help to achieve the best treatment effect and make the skin tightened, smooth, and fresh.

Advantages of the Radio frequency machine
1) Favorable tripolar Plus diode laser output, good penetration to 5~15mm. Fulrange of treatment and great result.
2)Two Treatment Handpiece Design with specific treatment target of different size, aiming to face tightening by small handpiece and body contouring by big handpiece.
3)Patented frequency-variable control basing on skin temperature and treatment is designed for accurate treatment.
4)Panted inside GPC Temperature Control System automatically and simultaneously changeable with treatment parameters, like skin temperature, contact degree of the handpiece, and so on, to ensure the most safe and effective treatment.
5)Diode Laser for rebuild skin tissues, make skin white and softer.
 RF machine specification

Frequency Tripolar: 1-40MHz , adjustable
Output Mode Tripolar
Energy 5~450J adjustable
Wavelength 635nm
Display 5.7inch color touch LCD screen
Power Supply 110V/220V±10P Hz /60Hz 10 A
Continuous working period 24 hours
Language English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Russian

After sales service &Warranty
 1.Professional guide
 24 Hours Professional online customer service
Engineer after sale team for professional Guide
Quality accessories
3 years free warranty, lifetime maintaince

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