Non-Invasive High Pressure Injection Mesotherapy Machine for Wrinkle Removal Skin Whitening




Non-invasive high pressure injection mesotherapy machine for wrinkle removal skin whitening

1,Fast speed, combined with ultrasonic frequency technology, tailor-made courses

unique needle-free transversal technology, the skin cells nutrition to fastest is injected, with hyaluronic acid, collagen, botulinum toxin, PRP autologous cells and other diversified products tailored to different courses , the release of nutrients to the skin layer by layer, with pay, promotion, whitening, anti-wrinkle and skin damage such as multiple effects.

2 three hyaluronic acid, and water, water lock, water

Meanwhile three kinds of hyaluronic acid moisturizing lock water reservoir – hyaluronate: moisturizing cuticle, repel drying; double hyaluronic acid: skin moisture lock twice, continuous moisture; nano hyaluronic acid: deep penetration stimulate oceanic water storage capacity to maintain each cell Hydra.

3, high-end injection products, wake-up cell regeneration machine

Not only offers three hyaluronic acid, more collagen, botulinum toxin, PRP injections of autologous cells and other high-end products, can wake up cell regeneration function, to reproduce skin withered fracture repair cells in a short time remodeling firm smooth and elastic skin.

Non-invasive injection core strengths

1. Safety: non-invasive imported without the risks of treatment, no postoperative recovery period;

2, infiltration: Space technology can be patented gas-liquid penetration of nutrients delivered directly to the skin dermis;

3. Absorption: nano-nutrients can be better absorbed by the skin cells;

4, the joint: a variety of beauty mode can be used for preoperative preparation, intraoperative treatment and postoperative care, treatment may create unlimited

Function of mesotherapy meso gun injector


Non-invasive skin deep water spectrometer is to complement the high-end plastic products ,so the water is very good and long -lasting moisturizing effect,make the skin moist ans long-lasting luster.

2.To improve complexion

Noninvasive water can stimulate the skin metabolism to speed up the spectrometer ,can quickly exhaust the body’s melanin ,improve yellowish dry skin ,brighten the complexion,skin brightening light perception.

3.Shrink pores

Noninvasive water spectrometer capable of stimulating the skin to speed up metabolism ,play a contraction effect of cell pores,leaving skin smooth ans firmer.

4.Get rid of wrinkles

Noninvasive water spectrometer wrinkle effect is very good,capable of filling up the depressions sagging skin,stretch facial lines and crow’s feet, ect. Sichuan word profile ,tightening the skin

5.Do a second mask care shuiguang=100

After treatment ,the skin plump tight ,releasing a steady stream from the bottom skin moisturizing factor for skin to add moisture and keep skiny and bright ,freeze skin young state, so you have a baby after treatment like porcelain smooth muscle .

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