Omega Led Therapy Machine for Facial Treatment

  • Model: Omega™
  • Brand: UniceLaser®
  • Frequency: 1-30hz
  • Case Material: abs
  • Working Life: >=50000 hours
  • Features: Face lifting,wrinkle removal, skin tightening


What is Omega Led Therapy Machine?

Led light can service a gentle and effective light for skin whitening and rejuvenation. Led wave light of different wavelengths. For different shades of skin, different wavelengths of light can treat skin problems at different depths. For example, red light can promote collagen proliferation, and blue light can be used to shrink pores. It’s a great choice to use this LED equipment for facial maintenance when you have applied a mask or a mask treatment.
OMEG Led Therapy Machine For Face Principle

OMEG Led Therapy Machine For Face

OMEG Led Therapy Machine For Face Color Modes

OMEG Led Therapy Machine For Face Treatment Functions


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