Ozone Beauty Salon Vapour Machine SPA Ionic Facial Steamer


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Ozone beauty salon vapour machine spa ionic facial steamer

1) High quality thermal fuse & temp controller
2) Owned factory manufactured
3) Time control,digital display

1) Intenerate the necrotic skin cells for cleaning in the subsequent treatment.
2) Open up the skin pore for deep cleaning inside.
3) Vapor penetrates into pores to soften and clean the grease, black head, make-up
remnants and dirt.
4) Vapor may help skin pores release toxin.
5) Vapor may soften wrinkle for the time being.
6) Activate the blood circulation, moisten the skin, improve metabolism and renew the
7) The ozonizer which sending out Ozone will effectively kill the skin bacteria, keep the
skin health, soften the necrotic cell of skin surface in order to clean easily.

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We are a professional supplier of Professional Mini Home Facial& Body Equipment/Massager.
– We focuses on selling quality products directly to worldwide wholesale local dealer, cosmetic company, the end user at Competitive price & Excellent service.
– Our goal is to let you be surrounded by beauty, and to live a beautiful life.- We are a professional seller of household beauty device products. like ultrasonic, galvanic skin rejuvenation,skin scrubbers ,massager etc. which with Mini shape, easy to use and handy operation. light weight and portable. you can operate it at home and outdoor even great companion for travelers. Let you easily own perfect skin like babies with small investment is our mission. We are dedicated to providing high quality products and efficient service for all of our consumers.Please feel free to contact us.

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