Ozone Infrared SPA Capsule for Sale


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OZONE infrared spa capsule for sale

This is a brand new design combined with health care, recuperation and body shaping. Fumigation with high temperature has curative effects on the spine, joints, stimulate the blood circulation and cause the muscles and joints to relax as well as relieve pain. With natural skin care stuff such as essence oil. milk , honey etc. it improves the dark. rough skin effectively. Both your skin and your health will benefit a lot from this equipment.

1.steam heating
Stimulate the evaporation of different essences,smooth the energy
channels, improve blood circulation.
2. fragrance therapy
The vapor of different essences and Chinese herbs spreads all over your
body evenly and effectively, relieving tiredness and treating the illness.
3. Music therapy
MP3 player system makes you relaxed and refreshed physically and
4.ozone system
Thoroughly cleansing the tiny pores, getting rid of toxic heavy metals
through ozone sterilization.
5.optical therapy
Relaxing human body, lessening spiritual pressure, improving the
metabolism, shaping your figure.

Operation Instructions:
1) Power’ switch: turn it on ,press again off.
2) Light control :Press it to turn on ,Press again to turn off.
3)steam control :turn it on to start the steam working
4)Temperature : Press button for set temperature , subject about 40ºC
5) timer Adjust: press it forset time, subject about 25 Minutes
6)Temperature/ timer for Temperature or timer increase and reduce.
7) Song select /Volume adjust: press is for song select ,press again for volume adjust
8)MP3/volume shift: press it for MP3,press again for volume control
9) MP3 power: press it for start ,press again for off.
10) Spare button
11) Sterilizing control: press it for on ,press it again for off, subject about ten minutes.

operation step:
Step1:Connect the water supply with the machine water inlet and open the tap:
Then Press power button for system
Step2: Press Temperature button for set temperature (thermometer icon) subject about 40ºC
Step3: press Timer button for set time (clock icon), subject about 25-30 minutes
Step4:Press steam control button for start sauna use
Step5:Press MP3 button 7 for music enjoyment if need. (Advance insert USB)
Step6:Press ozone button for hygiene purpose .

Note: Open the back of cover and USB is located on the control box

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