Painless IPL Hair Removal Whole Body Bikini Permanent Laser Beauty Eqauipment


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NEW Painless IPL Hair Removal Whole Body Bikini Permanent Hair Removal laser Epilator Device Ramoval Acne Photorejuvenation

Imported quartz lamp, blue lenses, anti radiation, anti UV, principle, beauty salon equipment price is high, the most advanced equipment, domestic laser photon hair removal painless most practicalDetailed list:The host *1 (including lamp)Sunglasses *1Shaving knife *1Power adapter *1Usage method:1. before use to clean hair removal site, scrape the hair because it will hinder the laser energy and combustion on hair follicle melanin, hair removal in order to progress, the light can be better conduction, fine hair can not shave hair sparse, if relatively dense relatively coarse to shave again oh! (for example, under the armpits and bikini areas)2. plug in power, then the right indicator light, and then press the start button will switch to the left indicator light, at this time that the product has been activated.3. an invitation to the laser head on the skin, to the left and right sides of flashing lights, said the product is ready for work by pressing the button on the handle.4. / – button to adjust the intensity of the initial use of a second adjustable, or use hair more adjustable multiple gear.5. in the course of use, please bring the distribution of sunglasses! Avoid flash to the eye. Use of time: first months a week hair removal once, the first 2-3 months every 15 days, the first 4-6 months a month (each time the same area can flash 1-3 times) Note: laser hair removal is a gradual process. According to the growth of individual hair, can locate 7-10 days for laser shot once, do not require frequent laser hair removal, because the hair is shaved, hair and hair follicles were Ruqiu after burning, it did not imagine grew so fast. So the use of effective treatment will be faster, please Pro know.Scope of application1.congenital hairy: due to genetic, endocrine disorders caused by normal or abnormal parts of the hairy.2.hirsutism: endocrine disorders cause women to grow similar to men’s thick hair.3.change personal image: improve personal image. Such as armpit hair, beard, hairy legs. The following groups do not recommend laser hair removal:1, have scar constitution and light allergic constitution2, menstrual and pregnancy women and older and too small3, in the hair removal area infected.

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