PDT LED Light Face Skin Rejuvenation Beauty Machine




PDT LED skin care beauty equipment use the light on the dynamic response of skin treatment and conservation of the latest skill Photodynamic is cold light and could not produce high heating,or burn the skin.It can transfer ligh energy into cell inner energy,accelerate circulation of cell’s growth,and stimulate the fiber cell to produce collagen protein.It has unimaginable effects on aging skin,acne skin,macular skin allergic skin,wrinkled skin and the sun-burnt skin,never bringing injury or discomfort to the skin.

Red light function(640nm):

Anti ageing, stimulate collagen production hence reduces fine wrinkle lines, rejuvenating, increasing blood flow and anti-inflammatory, photodynamic therapy and photo modulation therapy.

Yellow light function(590nm):

590nm specific yellow irradiated skin, accelerate blood circulation, activate cells, stimulate active role in cell excitability; promote collagen synthesis.

Blue light function(470nm):

Purifying, antibacterial, especially for acne treatment, problematic and oily skin treatment and cell activation.

Infrared (940nm):

Infrared LEDS are used for improving the process of metabolism and blood circulation and anti-inflammation.


1.Removing flecks, sunning spots, pigment sediments, reduction of sunlight damage to skin;

2.Treatment for spots, dark sores and folliculitis

3.Lightening acne and capillary vessel expansion

4.Smoothing wrinkles and tightening skin

5.Shrinking coarse pores and curing skin roughness

6.Treatment for dark or dim skins caused by deficient metabolism or circulation

7.Release of fatigue, reduction of pressure and improvement on sleep

8.Curing skin scurf or folliculitis-caused hair losing

9.Recovery from slight pathological replacements of facial nerves

10.Recovery of injured skin:

(1).Skin recovery after skin replacement, recovery from tattoo or tattoo allergy
(2).Laser eyebrow washing, instant recovery from tattoo washing, sensitive skin recovery
(3).Recovery from skin burns, blisters, or pigment sediments caused by excess energy or improper operation during photon treatment.


Light Source High energy Bio-SMD LED
LED bulb No. 1260pcs
Radiation size 1000cm2
LED spectrum Red(620nm-625nm)
Radiation energy Max 120mw/cm2
Flashing mode 0-110hz adjustable
Total colors 7 colors

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