PDT Super Effective 3 Colors Beauty Machine for Skin Rejuvenation




LED Light PDT Supper Effective Skin Rejuvenation Beauty MachineProduct Applications:1.Improve acne, acne marks and folliculitis.
2.Improve red streaks, acne rosacea, stolid.
3.Improve wrinkles, fine lines and skin relaxation.
4.Improve pore bulky, rough skin and skin color grey.
5.Repairing the damaged and replanted skin.
6.Repairing the sequelae of burns, blisters, pigmentation Recovery of facial neuropathy.
7.Elimination of fatigue, relieve stress, improve sleeping quality.
1820 high power LEDs, stronger output light intensity
Treatment head can be stretched according to different treatment area Six kinds light combination
Free cantilever design makes the light source to stay in any angle position
8 inch rotating touch screen design, simple operation, convenient treatment at any place 5 types of commonly used treatment plan can be stored
Light source intensity adjustable
Dual switch key and password protection Non-invasive
No more special care after treatment, make-up can be normally used


Brief Introduction
As the most advanced technology, PDT skin-rejuvenation system uses American original LED photobiology with the purity of 99% light to act on the target skin tissues to raise the activity of cell and improve the metabolism. It is a special technology for transmitting light signal. The LED treatment comes with no thermal effect, no injury and no discomfort on the skin, which is not reachable for traditional skin care products
LEDs light therapy has shown to be effective for the treatment of several aspects of the skin ageing. Multiple studies have demonstrated improvement of fine wrinkles, mottled hyperpigmentation, tactile roughness and sallowness. These results are supported by both collagen production and increase proliferation..

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