Photodynamic Skin Lift LED Light Skin Care Beauty Machine PDT


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Photodynamic Skin Lift LED Light Skin Care Beauty Machine PDT

Brief Introduction

As the latest high-tech product, LED Photodynamic Therapy device uses the very pure gene biological wave as light source, with a special light signal transmission technology, but no heat effect. During the treatment, photosensitive collagen could be used, and it could lead into hypoderma fast and efficiently, absorbed by cell, generate the most efficient photochemical reaction–enzymatic reaction, which can improve cell viability, promote metabolism, make skin secrete collagen and fibrous tissue; meanwhile, it increases white blood cell’s phagocytosis, and then comes to the effect of repair, rejuvenation, skin whitening, acne treatment, and antioxidant, particularly suitable for sub-health groups and dry, allergic skin, facial nerve numbness, and spasticity.


1, All the skin diseases caused by sunlight damage and aging include facial blemishes, dermal spots, freckles, sun spots, pigmentation and so on.
2 Acne, acne marks and folliculitis.
3 Red streaks, acne rosacea, stolid.
4 Wrinkles, fine lines and skin relaxation.
5 The pore is bulky, rough skin,colour grey.
6 Repairing the damaged skin.
7 Repairing the replanted skin.
8 Repairing the sequelae of Burns, blisters, pigmentation caused by the treatment of too big or improper operation when Laser instant repair of washing eyebrow and tattoo photon energy
9 Recovery of facial neuropathy
10 Elimination of fatigue, relieve stress, improve sleeping quality.


1.With LEDS 1820 high power,the output intensity is higher
2.According to the different treatment area ,can be changed to arcuation or flat
3. Six kinds light combination(red, blue, yellow, red blue, red yellow, red infrared), can realize different treatment effects, widely used in diferent skin condition.
4. Light source by special connector can be fixed and achieve the function of the electrical connection, it is more convenient and quick to change
5. Free cantilever design, make the light source can stay in any position Angle
6.8 "rotating touch screen design, simple operation, no professional training, more convenient independent treatment at home
7. Can store and edit 5 kind of treatment plan. easy to set up.
8. Kind voice prompt, let you easily operate
9. According to the need of treatment, can adjust the illuminate of light source intensity
10. Dual switch key and password protection, without having to worry about being misused
11. Non-invasive, non-damaged, without side effect
12.After treatment, no special care, make-up canbe normal used

Technical specification:

SIZE 570mm* 950mm * 1135mm(L*W* H)
Package measurement 750mm* 660mm* 1200mm(L*W* H)
weight N.W:21kg G.W:50kg
Range of application Acne, rejuvenation, improve skin elasticity , pain relief
Site of application beauty shop , dermatologist office
display 8inch colour LCD , touch key
Exposure area 970cm2
Working distance 5~8cm
LED QTY 1820pc LED group
Output wave length

Red 633nm±10nm;Blue 417nm±10nm
Yellow 590nm±10nm
IR: 850nm

THERAPY HEAD TYPE Red , blue, combination: red blue, red IR, red yellow

LED images:

Before and After picture:

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