Phototherapy PDT LED Machine Skin Rejuvenation PDT LED Red Light Therapy Machine




Phototherapy PDT LED machine skin rejuvenation pdt led red light therapy machine

PDT principe:
PDT(Photodynamic Therapy) is one of the most powerful anti-afing tools against the ravages of time, it is driven by LED RGB light source. Cells in the human body use the light composed of red, green, blue, yellow and infrared and then convert it into ATP, which is the fuel that powers life on a cellular level. When light therapy is used, this triggers cellular activity thus producing ATP and once produced, the tissue uses it to carry out healing and rejuvenation in the treatede area.

Red Light (635nm): Anti-aging, stop hair losing, skin rejuvenation, skin tightening, remove pigment
Green Light (535nm): Improve oily skin and acne, improve lymph circulation
Blue Light (415nm): Acne healing, sensitive skin care
Yellow Light (635nm 535nm): Accelerate blood and lymph circulation, pigment removal and improvw the skin tone
Infrared Light (830nm±5nm): Wound healing, pain relief

Technical Specifications:

Light Source PDT LED
Color red green blue yellow infrared
Wavelength(nm) 635±5 535±5 415±5 635±535 830±5
LED power 12W/LED
LED quantity 60pcs of each panel (3 or 4 panels optional)
Operate mode Professional mode & Smart mode
Operate interface 8"True color touch screen
Power supply AC 100V or 230V, 50/60Hz
Dimension 50*50*135cm(L*W*H)
Weight 50kgs

1. Preset 9 treatments parameters (Facial Firming/Wrinkle/Hydration/Acne/Spot removal/Anti-Allergy, Hair Growth, Body Firming, Body Contouring)
2. 5 colors PDT LED light combine with infrared in one machine
3. 3 panels (180pcs LED) and 4 panels (240pcs LED) selectable
4. Panels and lifter adjustable to make best treatment position
5. Multi-languages supported, meets requirements of global market
6. Friendly one finger touch screen with standard mode and professional mode
7. Modularized design for convenient maintenance
8. USB and IC card function supported
company advantages:
a. Scale: Our Company is one of the most leading manufacturers in China.
Apolo Registered Capital is RMB 100,000,000 which is much more than most of other smaller manufactures in China. Pls check our alibaba website to checking the Trustpass profile.

Most of other smaller factories capital is only between RMB 500,000~1,000,000, you could check their alibaba website. Alibaba Website is a well-known B2B company in the world, so the information offered by factories should be approved by Alibaba.
Only true information could be approved, so you could have no doubt on the data.
If you still have some doubt, you could require factory to send you their Registered certificate to confirm the capital whether true.

b.Real Manufacturer instead of Trading company
As Apolo is real manufacturer instead of trading company, our price is much competitive than Trading company. Also we could offer after-service in-time but trading company could not. Welcome customer to visit Apolos factory and others, then you would find out who is real manufacturer, whos trading one.

Shanghai APOLO Medical Technology Co.,Ltd is a leading designer and manufacturer of IPL, RF, Laser, Platform, PDT LED, Body Slimming and Micro-dermabrasion technologies for use in medical and aesthetic industries. Since its inception in 2001, APOLO has strived to be the best in the market, through innovative product design, built around best quality components and manufacture to meet international standards fro product quality, safety and performance.
To ensure that our products are truly world class, safe and effective, all APOLO products are designed and manufactured strictly in accordance with ISO13485 and are certified by CE in Europe, FDA in USA, TGA in Australia, and Anvisa in Brazil plus others. With state of the art products and good reputation in the worldwide market, APOLO, in 2014, become a listed company on Shanghai Stock Exchange Center.

( Export Department )
Add: 1~4/F, Builiding A, No.388 Yindu Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai 200231, China
Tel: 86-21-34622842 ext.8009
Fax: 86-21-34622840
Website: /

Phototherapy PDT LED machine skin rejuvenation pdt led red light therapy machine

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