Portable Handheld 660nm Korean PDT Infrared LED Photon Facial Mask Light Therapy Massager Beauty Device Machine


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korean pdt infrared led photon facial mask light therapy massager beauty device machine

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LED four colors hot compress spectrometer machine with music

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220V, 50-60Hz, 10A



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Attention matters

1. If the power adapter is damaged or swaying, do not use it, so as not to cause electric shock or leakage or cause of fine.

2. Be sure to separate the adapter after the main power is off. In order to avoid causing the troubles and electric shock causes.

3. Please use the professional socket to avoid the electric shock, leakage and fire causes.

4. Please do not use the spray insecticides, volatile liquids, chemicals and so on, so as not to cause deterioration and discoloration.

5. Please do not use wet hand to operate or handle the plug and power switch, so as not to cause the electric shock and cause of fire.

6. Disconnect the plugs in time when the plug is cleaned or not used, so as not to cause the trouble or leakage.

7. Do not allow children or the elderly or the weak to operate, so as not to cause the electric shock, injury reasons.

8. Do not touch the power supply when the gas leak form the pipeline, please open the window for the ventilation, in order to avoid fire and fire causes.

9. Dispose of waste products according to the procedures, in order to avoid environmental pollution injury causes.

10. Please avoid looking light directly for a long time.

11. The person who has light allergies or take allergic drugs, do not use this device.

12. Thyropathy people do not use this device.

13. Epilepsy person do not use this device.

14. Pregnant women do not use this device.

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