Portable Monopolar RF Skin Tightening Body Shaping Beauty Salon Equipment




Portable Monopolar RF Skin Tightening Body Shaping Beauty Salon Equipment

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Principleof Monopolar RF
The treament sithe is placed between the plates of a capactor and becomes the dielectric. The RF energy is diffused through the part of the body locate between the plate electrodes. The oscillating fields produce distortion of molecules, rotation of dipoles and vibration of ions. The movement of the molecules and ions generates heat within the tissues. The heat caused by interaction of RF (Radio Frequency) energy and dermal resistance can reach dermal layer to heat up and stimulate the collagen fibers, making them regenerate and re-arrange, which can help the skin in better condition

Skin lifting and skin tightening.
Wrinkle removal
Body shaping and fat reduction
Collagen stimulation and generation;

Power input: 110V-224V 50/60Hz
Maximum Power Consumption: 200W
Classification: (EN60601-1) Class 1. Type BF
Main Fuses: 2*T2A(5*20mm)
Size(height*width*depth): 560*390*450mm
Weight: 30kg

Output Parameter
Carrier Frequency: 0.3MHz and 0.5MHz
Maximum Intensity: 80mA RMS
Output Modes: Round Electodes/Rectangle Type
Treatment Timer: 0-60minutes
Safety Device: Zero Start, Safety Switch
GW: 25kg
NW: 20kg

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