Potent Anti Cellulite Face Lift Wrinkle Removal Ultrasound Hifu Machine



Hf-202 RF Wrinkle Removal Skin Beauty Machine

 RF (Radio Frequency) is Special Radio Frequency wavelength acted onto underskin tissue to stimulate dermis collagen and underskin elasticity fibre swift shrinking, dermis thickness and density enhanced, wrinkles reduced, skin elasticity and luster renewed, meantime, skin gradually come to white, tender and smooth, furtherly, the skin structure and function come to much younger state than before. Therefore, RF SYSTEM is the best choice for face lifting, skin tightening, skin rejuvenation and deep skin wrinkles removal. Applications of RF Skin Lifting Equipment (HF-202):

1. Skin aging: Improve skin texture, restore elasticity, treat rough skin and large pores and relieve the black eye, eye bag
2. Skin displacement: Tighten the skin, solve the problems like sagging skin, fine wrinkles, and enhance the profile
3. Skin texture: Make the skin tender, whiten the skin naturally, and enhance its water-retention capacity.
4. Skin photoaging: Reduce the damaged skin and enhance its recovery capacity.
5. Lift and fill out breasts

Radio frequency 1M Hz
RF energy density: 10mm: 5-150 J/cm2
16mm: 5-100 J/cm2
26mm: 5-60 J/cm2
Hand pieces’ diameter 10mm, 16mm, 26mm
Input power 350 W
Control mode 8" LCD color touch screen
Power supply AC110V/4A/60Hz AC220V/2A/50Hz
Net weight 35kg

 AFTER-SALES-SERVICE: 1 free year warranty & lifetime maintenance.

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