Professional Cell Dialysis Skin Analysis Machine for Salon Use


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Professional Cell Dialysis Skin Analyzer for salon use


Fully integrated dialysis therapy and skin treatment, the whole beauty industry come up to a new level, more micro with HD cameras, more thoroughly solving skin problems. New ideas, new functions,

new theory, completely breaking the traditional concepts, the new equipment will bring you new feelings, intimate care and thoroughly eliminate rebound problems, which is unprecedeneted popular in

the whole beauty industry.

Product specification
Skin monitor 14 inch, monitor all skin symptom
Visible mesotherapy handpiece built-in 1.2 mega pixels camera, four point
Bipolar RF handpiece 1 –20J/cm2, adherent point diameter:3.5cm
Fiming handpiece 0-5 °C,adherent point diameter:2.7cm
Eye handpie -5W,100-1200mA,adherent point diameter:1.4cm
Power consumption 450w
Power 110V/220V , 60Hz/50Hz

1. skin rejuvenation, anti-aging
2. fade spot, completely whitening
3. remove forehead lines, eye lines and neck lines
4. moisture renewing, completely repairing
5. eliminate cellulite, faded the red skin
6. removal pouch and black rim of the eye


Visible Mesotherapy Handpiece with built-in camera truly let customer see the skin problems,

skin treatment situation and changes in skin below this handpiece.


According to the skin problems show in the screen,beautician analysis the skin problems and

give recommend therapy products to customer.This process interacts well with beautician and

customer, increasing customer trust in beautician.


With Visible Mesotherapy Handpiece lead in and absorb products;Bipolar RF Handpiece

remove lifting your skin face; Firming Handpiece firm skin face; Eye Handpiece solve the eye

problems. 30 minutes fade wrinkles and speckle, give you a bright and beautiful skin.

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