Professional Hydra Dermabrasion Machine / Hydro Microdermabrasion Facial Machine





Treatment Theory
Hydra-revival skin care machine is the "skin cleansing-skin care" function combined with a comprehensive beauty machine. Using a variety of sterile small bubbles, revival oxygen, RF and ultrasound theragy four kinds of techniques to treat a variety of skin problems, including acne, blackheads, skin aging, dehydration, sensitive skin and five lines. It can clean the skin deeply, rearrange the collagen fiber and elastic fiber, promote the metabolism of the skin, increase the elastictivity of the skin.

Treatment Range 1. Aqua cleansing hand-piece–deep cleansing for skin and removing the mites.2. Revival & oxygen hand piece–deep cleansing, eliminate the aging of
keratinocytes, remove the sebum, grease residue, as the same time put the skin into the oxygen and remove the yellow skin.
3. RF hand-piece–to remove fine lines, and skin tightening all round.
4. Ultrasound import hand-piece–put the skin into the nutrients, and provide lasting
nutrition, to make the skin moist and delicate shiny. Technical Specification

Screen 10.4 inch touch screen
Hand-piece quantity 4PCS
Hane-piece type Aqua cleaning hand-piece
Revival & oxygen hand-piece
Rf hand-piece
Ultrasound import hand-piece
Hand connection quick connection
Aqua cleaning hand-piece Procrastination super size Big (19mm*15mm)
Small (15mm*905mm)
Vacuum pressure: 25Kpa-90Kpa
Revival & oxygen hand-piece Vibration massage tip, oxygen powered tip (Optional)
Diameter: 28mm
RF hand-piece RF Energy: 10-100
Frequency: 1MHz
Max Power: 10W
Peak Energy: 200 20V
Ultrasound import hand-piece Ultrasound: 10-100
Frequency: 1MHz
Max Power: 10W
Input power: 100W (Max)
Output power: 90W(Max)

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