Professional Microdermabrasion Infusion Jet Peel Machine Oxygen Producing Machine



6 in 1 Facial Pore Vacuum Water Oxygen Jet Peel Facial Machine Skin Care Equipment(If you want to buy one, please contact supplier to quotate the price)

Description of skin rejuvenation machine

Display 8 inch color touch screen

Hand pieces

Bubble Cleaner Handle
  Oxygen Jet Peeling Gun
  RF Handle
  Cold Hammer 
  LED Mask
Power 800W
Weight 15kg
Size 55*30*42cm
Cooling system Wind semiconductor cooling
Language English,Spanish,France .Italian ,German,Chinese
PS: Any kinds of language can be customized


The world’s first style by using micro bubble small energy device patented technology ,using the collision theory of 299,00 times per second high-frequency wave oscillation elements , produce water molecules burst into a high-oxygen water molecule, then cut by the ultra-high frequency wave, water molecules, producing negative ions, ultrasound, and high water molecules containing oxygen. Rapidly penetrate the skin pores, remove old horny body, deep cleansing, skin and increases oxygen in the blood,and  promote  body &blood circulation, activate cell repair, delay skin aging function, pulling compact, wrinkle and other effects.
1). Bubble Cleaner Handle
   In the carbon dioxide-rich acidic environment, reduce the PH value within the cell,  cellular hemoglobin oxygen affinity and a reduced ability known as: Bohr effect, can enhance blood circulation, increase blood oxygen content, accelerate skin cell metabolism.2). Micro-needle
   After apply any kinds of skin care product to the treated area, it can input the skin care products into the skin and help the skin absorbing a variety of nutrients.
3). RF Handle
To promote collagen growth, remove wrinkles. Our skin has the ability of self-growth and repair. After skin injury, the ability to repair is thousands of times faster than usual, it is the same as collagen , in a certain time when the temperature increase to 45-60 degrees, it will stimulate the secretion of new collagen.
4). Oxygen Jet Peeling Gun
  The needle-free handle inject the product into the basal layer of skin cells by the pressure in order to strengthen and increase its resistance also tighten pores, to keep skin cleanly and moistly.
5). Cold Hammer
It’s a good treatment way to shrink pores and locking nutrients, which also let water blocked in the pores to prevent moisture loss, and achieves allergy sedative effect.
6).LED Mask
LED mask is good for skin rejuvenation,whitening the skin and improving the shin conditions.

1) automatic instrument cleaning and disinfection system.
2) in two eddy current probes, probe large, small probe.
3) Simple user 6 inches LCD screen.
4) A total of five levels of adjustable vacuum.
5) a total of three levels of adjustable solution flow rate.
6) can be equipped with a variety of unique advanced solution.

Function :
1) Ultrasound head:promote microcirculation,skin rejuvenating
2) Multipolar RF: compact shaping, face lifting
3) Bio microcurrent: let jaw line tightened, Bio raise the overall tightening of facial skin
4) dermabrasion: facial cleansing, peeling, pore cleansing

 Delivery and Shipping
√ Delivery within 3-5 days off season, 5-7 days in busy season after payment
√ Shipping Way: DHL, UPS, TNT, FedEx etc. in  door to door service  by air 

Our Services
One year warranty: if there any problem happens with machine, we will repair it free of charge
Convenient training:  operation video is available,and we can provide the online training
OEM/ODM services:  logo, language, interface can specially be designed 

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