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Professional Table Hair Steamers   Hairdressing Machine   Hair Steamer Cap 


Hair steamer

It heats hair through hot vapor which generating by hair cover and expands hair’s squamous surface layer. It makes the nutrition of hairdressing gel permeate into medulla and hair root tissue in order to recover damaged hair, the weak areas get nutrition to become moist, fluffy,smooth, soft, bright and silky with enough sense of beauty. Hair steamer’s effects is incomparable. However, the hair cap cannot produce vapor and directly touch hair, its danger is self-evident.



Aroma spray

Please put suitable essential oil into machine’s spout, place yourself in it, relax and reduce pressure.



 Ion spray’s six effects

1.Ion diminishes inflammation with sterilization, prevents acne’s growth.

2.Eliminate excess grease, make skin have smooth breathe, the nutrition is easier to absorb.

3.Adjust the balance of water and oil, promote moisture absorption, longer moist maintain, reduce the blackhead.

4.Improve blood circulation, make skin be ruddy naturally.

5.Eliminate cutin, promote collagen generation, make skin more elastic.

6.Ten minutes each day, eliminate facial toxin, then skin is more clear, white and lasting.


1. Light and handy, easy to take apart and install.

2. It includes ion ozone function.

3. It will power off automatically without water. Safe and practical.

4. Standard vapor temperature, it can reach 53-54ºC.



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