Professional Water Oxygen Jet Peel Machine Aqua Peeling



professional water oxygen jet peel machine aqua peeling

Instrument works:
1. Deep water oxygen rejuvenation system works
the use of strong pressure oxygen, the sterile saline (saline) and oxygen simultaneously into the air compressor equipment, the water droplets into a small particle size of the role of the skin (5- 200vm), tiny droplets will be sprayed (jet spray), with 200m / sec (seconds) speed (supersonic) from a specially designed nozzle, the speed of water and oxygen into the human skin bottom.

2, deep water oxygen rejuvenation instrument to eliminate sub-yellow, dark, wrinkles, rejuvenation treatment principle
the use of strong pressure oxygen and water to the tiny droplets in the form of spray flow on the skin, can penetrate the skin pores and skin cracks, Cortical until penetrate to the dermis to promote cell regeneration, rapid and direct to provide adequate nutrition for the skin, while removing the deeper epidermal waste, hyperbaric oxygen and nutrient solution can stimulate the dermis fibrous tissue regeneration, promote cell metabolism. So as to effectively eliminate the skin sub-yellow, gray, chloasma, tender skin, wrinkle effect.

3, deep water oxygen rejuvenation instrument to get rid of acne treatment principle
the use of strong pressure oxygen and water to the tiny droplets of spray on the skin, anaerobic acne Propionibacterium contact with oxygen, leading to death, can eliminate the generation of acne; Strong pressure oxygen and water can remove the deeper epidermal waste, improve sebaceous gland oil secretion, to achieve a thorough elimination of acne, do not rebound effect.

4. Deep-water oxygen rejuvenation instrument to eliminate scar treatment principle:
the use of strong oxygen and water-soluble nutrient solution directly on the scar site, activation of epidermal necrotic tissue to promote regeneration of collagen fibers and elastic fibers to supplement the process of repairing the necessary nutrients; Thus, to repair the role of scars.

5. Deep water oxygen rejuvenation instrument treatment range
remove scar: burns, surgery and other scarring, acne pits, Ma Hang. Acne Removal: Effective removal of acne and inflammation, acne, blackheads, acne India, improve oily skin. Rejuvenation: remove spots, sinking, shrink pores, dark skin, sub yellow, black, deep cleansing, toning, enhance skin elasticity and luster; all aspects of the body to improve the skin, relieve skin fatigue. Wrinkles: lips wrinkles, eye wrinkles; the biggest improvement between the eyebrow lines, stretch marks and so on. Hair growth: effective to improve seborrheic alopecia, alopecia areata; hair care. Features: In addition to dark circles, bags under the eyes.

6. Deep water oxygen treatment system beauty of the 10 major advantages
1) the most innovative way of skin beauty, beauty salon for business;
2) the lifting of the "sores of the pain", eliminate acne need not clear, not easy to relapse, leaving India;
3) safe and effective whitening skin;
4) to replace the traditional dead skin surgery and traditional skin care;
5) instantly improve the skin dry state, and to achieve a safe, efficient and rapid nutritional supplement to the skin;
6) directly improve the skin caused by hypoxia of the skin dark, dull;
7) non-invasive treatment is more secure, no cross-infection. Truly realized the treatment without pain, spot make-up, does not affect the normal work.
8) the process of beauty skin comfortable, moist, refreshing feeling, easy to complete the beauty process;
9) to promote skin lymphatic drainage, protect skin health.
10) unique skin regeneration technology, the use of water and oxygen more secure.

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