Q Swithced ND YAG Laser for Tattoo Removal



Q swithced nd yag laser working Principle: 

The energy of Q-switched ND:YAG laser can be absorbed by the blue and black melanin. The  melanin will be fragmented so small that they can be metabolized by the lymphatic system or  egested out of the body. Thus the tattoo or other pigmentations will be removed without damage  to normal tissue.The treatment is safe and convenient without downtime and side effects.  


Q swithced nd yag laser Application:

1) Removal of eyebrow line, eye line, lip line…etc 

2) Removal of tattoo(red, blue, black…etc) 

3) Clearance speckle, black naevus, fleck, age spots…etc 

4) Removal of vascular lesion and spider vessel…etc 


Q swithced nd yag laser technical parameter: 

Cooling condition: wind system closed circulating cooling system 

Laser type: Q-switch Nd: YAG 

 Laser output wave length: 1064nm/532nm/BD-LS

The pulse energy: 0~1000mJ 

Pulse width: 6ns 

Recurrence rate: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,6Hz 

Power source:  110v~220v

Size: 45×58×47cm

Weight 23kg


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