Radio Frequency RF Vacuum Ultrasound Cavitation Skin Care Beauty Equipment




Radio Frequency RF Vacuum Ultrasound Cavitation Skin Care Beauty Equipment

What is RVC System?
R = Radio Frequency
V = Vacuum Radio Frequency
C = Cavitation
Radio Frequency  Vacuum Radio Frequency Cavitation
RVC Multi-functional beauty machine combines the Radio Frequency, Vacuum Radio Frequency and Cavitation with the best results for reducing unwanted fat cellulite, skin tightening, skin lifting and wrinkle removal. 

1. Bipolar RF Handle (for eyes)
2. Tripolar RF Handle (for face)
3. Eight polar RF & Vacuum RF Handle (for body)
4. 35KHz Cavitation Handle
5. 1 MHz Ultrasound Handle


1. Dissolve fat, tighten skin, body shaping
2. Tighten skin, increase skin elasticity, improve wrinkles
3. Light therapy
4. Stretch stiff muscle, relieve pain
5. Stimulate lymphatic blood vessels, remove unwanted fat and toxin from body
6. Activate collagen tissue, reduce cellulite

About Cavitation
Cavitaiton Therapy is one of the most effective high-tech non-surgical lipo cellulite treatment. To get rid of the cellulite, the cavitation machine generates 40kHz strong ultrasound and penetrates to the cellulite tissue. The strong ultrasound microvibrates the fat cells in high frequency, which produces numerous vacuum air pockets(cavitation effect).

This effect will break the fat cells membrane so that the triglyceride is released from the fat cells. The triglyceride will be elimilated from the body by metabolism naturally in the coming weeks. After the cavitation treatment, the number of fat cells will decrease and the cellulite will be reduced. The body shape will become inches smaller magically.

The ultrasonic cavitation power can work just on the target fat tissue. In this way, clients can attain a molded body curve according to their wishes.

Cavitation Treatment applications: arms, abdomen, waist, buttocks, legs, thigh, etc.

About Radio Frequency
Radio Frequency treatments are designed as a way to remove fat in the body in a very targeted way. It is pain free, completely safe, carries no unpleasant side affects and is totally non-invasive.
We use a hand held probe which is moved over the skin. The probe pulls the tissue inside by means of a vacuum and then the radio frequency wave hits the fat cell and causes the walls to become weak and the contents to become liquid.
The liquid fat is then transferred to your body’s systems to be disposed of through the liver.
At the same time, the radio frequency wave encourages the body to produce new collagen which has the effect of tightening and toning the skin and improving its appearance.

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Technical Parameter

Model RVC-19B
RF Intensity 1 – 9
Vacuum Intensity 10 – 80kpa
Vacuum Mode P1 – P6
Power 300W
Voltage AC 110V/220V
Screen  8 inch touch screen 

Our Service

About Our Company
We are a beauty machine manufacturer. We are specialized in producing shockwave therapy machine, cryolipolsis device and so on. We can offer OEM or ODM service to you. We stick to the principle of quality first all the time. We will provide you with the product of good quality and reasonable price. If you have any problem, please contact us.

Multi-functional RF Cavitation Radio Frequency Body Slimming Beauty Machine

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