RF Skin Lifting &Reshaping Beauty Equipment (B-6309)




RF Skin Lifting Beauty Equipment (B-6309)

Functions of RF beauty equipment:
Face lifting.
Skin lifting around eyes.
Tighten neck skin.
Improve drooping and slack nose wrinkle.
Firm forehead skin and lessen wrinkle.
Lift and tighten breasts.
Tighten and sculpture the back.
Tighten and sculpture the waist.
Sculpture the buttocks and legs.
Tender skin of hands.

Item No.: B-6309

Brand: Beautyplus , Everplus
Voltage: AC200-240/50Hz AC100-120/60Hz
Watt: 230W
Frequency: 0.3-0.5MHz
Internal voltage: 1, 000 V~ 1, 200 V,
Energy generation principle: Biological heat generated by the electric current
Temperature of biological heat: 42 ~ 45 centigrade degree
Degree of heating energy transition: Deep heat(Max. 10cm ~ 25cm)
Wire Length: 1.8m
Plug Standard: Chinese Standard (Can be changed to customer’s requirement)
Certification: CE certificate
Net Weight: 9kg
Gross Weight: 8kg
Packaging Standard: External Packing Size: 47×43 x33CM

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