RF Vacuum Beauty Equipment for Body Slimming Loss Weight




                        Body Slimming Vacuum Shape Body Shape System HF-S9                                                   

Treatment Range:

1.Shape the body.
2.Cellulite reduction.
3.Body shaping by reducing cellulite.
4.Reduce measure after fat dissolving.
5.Pretreatment by measure-reduction
6.Eliminate the stretch marks


Technical parameter
LCD screen 10 inch TFT true color touch screen
The display of treatment handles Handle 1 Display: 2.7 inch 
Handle 2 Display: 1.9 inch
Working model Pulse mode
The energy of the vacuum-pressure 400-800 mbar (absolute)
The roller speed 0-36 rpm
The working modes of the roll wheel 4 types
1) Roll in: roll in mode (two-wheels of the big handle roll toward inside) 
2) Roll out: roll out mode (two-wheels of the big handle roll toward outside)
3) Roll up: roll up mode (the two wheels of the big handle roll up or down in different speed).
4) Normal: normal mode (the two wheels of the big handle roll up or down in different speed)
RF Frequency 1MHz
RF energy density The maximum 60J/cm3
The near-infrared laser wavelength 940nm
Handle quantity 4pcs
Rated voltage:  AC 220V ( / -10%) 50Hz 
AC110V ( / -10%) 60Hz
Rated Power 1KW
Rated current:, 
16, Relative humidity: ≤ 70%


Operating temperature  10-30 ºC 
The storage temperature  0-40 ºC 
Relative humidity ≤ 70%

Technical advantages:

1. Surrounded by non-invasive medical solution, multi-angle operation to achieve optimum contact: Getting use of electrode longitudinally and crossly
2. Machine operation Massage: Enhancing the penetration depth of RF and thermal, achieving to the fat layer more effectively.
Vacuum: More closer to the aimed treatment area and increasing blood circulation, promoting cell metabolism
3. Heat effect Bipolar RF-Concentrating heat the fat cell layer, a strong treatment of cellulite.
IR – Increasing skin elasticity, smoothing uneven.
4. More than four types of treatment heads for body: Cellulite and stretch marks treatment patterns, large areas treatments: Such as the abdomen, thighs, buttocks.
Treatment head for local areas: Shape the body more precisely within small parts, treatment area such as arms, neck, abdomen, face, and the areas with thin fats.





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