Roller Massage RF Fat Burning Body Slimming Ultraschall Velashape 3 Machine




Roller Massage RF Fat Burning Body Slimming Ultraschall Velashape 3 Machine

Application and wrinkle removal
2.Body shaping
3.Cellulite removal
4.Pregnancy wrinkle Removal
5.Breast Lifting
6.Skin surface smooth
7.Orange peel removal

Machine Catachrestic
The machine adopts 4 technologies: Bipolar RF, Vacuum, Infrared Light and Auto-Massage.

High Radio Frequency: The power is up to 150W which can penetrates the deep skin and heats up deep fat.

Infrared light: It promotes the Hydrolyzed Collagen hyperplasia, improves blood circle and achieves the results of skin rejuvenation and skin whitening.

The design of the vacuum and mechanical roll: Under action of the infrared light high radio frequency, mechanical movement makes the fat move which makes the skin more flexible and also increases the blood supply, further promotes the production of the catalyzing enzyme in the process fat metabolism.

The advantages of KUMA Body Shape:

1)Has CE Certificate. Both quality and functions are guaranteed.

2) Mainly used for Body Slimming and Shaping, Removal of Cellulite, Wrinkles, Stretch Marks, etc.

3) Integrates Bipolar Radio Frequency, Adjustable Vacuum, Infrared, Automatic Massage 4 technologies.

4) Has attractive big-size high-responsive and high-resolution Touch Screen. Very convenient to operate.

5) Has 2 treatment heads. Both are controlled by treatment heads themselves and the touch screen. Safety is guaranteed.

6) The big treatment head is mainly used for treatment on big-square skin like back and belly. The small treatment head is mainly used for treatment on small-square skin like face and neck. Both of the 2 treatment heads have RF, Vacuum, Infrared and Massage work simultaneously.


Working principle
Four function combinations: Infrared light Vacuum Radiofrequency(RF) Automatic massageroller.
10Mhz Bipolar radio frequency (RF) on the two rolls can permeate into the layer 0.5-1.5cm under skin to work on the fat tissue effectively.
700-2500nm infrared light can heat up the fibroblast of the connective tissue to acclerate the collagen and elastic fiber renascence, and also acclerate the blood circulation to speed up the fat cell metabolism.
0-50HgAdjustable vacuum make the skin tissue attracted into the space between two eletricodes. Inhalational tissue

Comparison before and after the treatment

Company Information
Beijing Sincoheren S&T Development co., Ltd, established in 1999, is one of the largest and the earliest professional hi-tech manufacturers of medical and aesthetic equipments. We have our own Research & Development department, factory, international sales departments, overseas distributors and after sales department.

Our Services
1. 24 hours quick response!
2. User manual, service manual, maintenance manual and DVD supplied to clients for usage
3. 1 year free warranty and life-long service!
4. Professional engineer service and branch office in Euro, Australia and HK, quick after-sale service!
5. We have Service-Department in Australian and in Deutschland.


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